Friday, March 4, 2011

Low brow

I'm not really a fine-dining kind of girl.  I'm not even a Yelp kind of girl.  I'm a chain food kind of girl.  I love mass production.  Arbys, TGIFridays, Noodles and Company, Cafe Rio.  These places make me happy.

Frankly, if I had to, I could survive off Wingers sticky fingers for a week.  They come with celery, people!  I don't even like celery but I somehow consider that a bonus.  

So before I even finished the thought, "Self, we have to buy a whole bunch of food for a party this weekend, so where should we go?"  I immediately interrupted myself with, "BUCKETS OF STICKY FINGERS!"

But even I have my limits.  Having downloaded the Wingers "Party-to-Go" menu, I must say, as a matter of common sense, not everything should come in a bucket.  Specifically, chicken alfredo should not be bucketed.    


  1. I like the trust and consistency that you get with a chain. It is easy to count on and easy to know what you are getting. And sometimes taking the complicatedness away from food is perfectly wonderful.

  2. I love that too. I also kind of love the consistency - Nick Hornby wrote a book once where a character was grateful for Starbucks, because whether you're from London or Paris or the south or NYC or LA, everyone finds a Starbucks familiar. It's kind of the good side of the McDonaldization of the industrialized world.