Saturday, March 5, 2011

A litmus test

Sometimes when I try to tell people that my family is semi-white trash, they don't believe me.

The story I always offer as proof of this assertion is that one winter when my dad wasn't getting around so well due to a sprained ankle, our basement started flooding because a broken gutter was pouring all the runoff from our roof directly into the window well.

 My dad considered his options.  Climb a ladder mid-winter with his bad ankle?  Dangle out a window and hope to reach it?  Call someone for help?


Clearly, the thing to do was to get a shotgun and shoot the offensive gutter off our house. 

(Which was actually a total success, so no judging.) 


  1. That's AWESOME. Sounds a lot like my family.

    And sucks about that date, though it does make for a humorous blog entry. I've had a few of those myself...

  2. LOL! Hey, if it works, it works, right? Your dad sounds awesome :)