Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yay literacy!

My literacy, that is.  Yeah yeah, I know I should be concerned about the underprivileged and their reading access,but we know me.  I'm a selfish one.

Anyway, I haven't really been reading much lately, which is sad, because I used to read a lot.  (Cough understatement cough.)  So as part of my New Denver New Life Plan (yeah, that's a thing) I've decided to make a consistent effort to read one book a week.

Yesterday, I finished My Fair Godmother, a witty young adult novel by Janette Rallison.  Am I too old to be reading young adult?  Baaaah, what's in a number?

Funny?  Check.  Unpredictable?  Semi-check.  (Sure, I guessed a lot of things that were going to happen, but I never managed to guess how they were going to happen, and that's the more important issue, in my opinion.)  

Best of all?  This book avoids that awful, "Oh, I'm so betrayed by this plot contrivance!" moment.  You know what I'm talking about.  Our heroine has (seemingly unnecessarily)* kept a secret from her hero.  Do you totally buy that she would need to keep this secret?  Almost, not quite.  But then (miracle of miracles, and completely redeeming us from the unnecessary secret issue) when the secret is inevitably revealed, it's quick, painless, and without teen angst.  No false drama.  No, "Why oh why didn't I just tell him the truth from the beginning!" histrionics.  Just BAM - moving the plot right along.  

And even better than best of all?  (Oooh, someone didn't organize her review ...)  The characters are all likeably flawed.  Over-protective guy?  Sure, but there isn't any stalking or piggy back riding.  Slightly shallow teenage girl?  Yes, but she's still kind, still talented, and self-aware enough to realize she still has areas of improvement.  Two semi-villains that you like-dislike-like again over the course of the novel?  Bingo. 

Go forth, my friends, and enjoy.

* How's THAT for an overuse of adjectives?


  1. This is a book I would have totally judged by its cover. I am not going to read now, even after your glowing review (I don't read a lot of fiction, unless its some classic that you are supposed to have read). Just saying, I don't like the cover.

  2. Fair enough. Though I will say, out of curiosity (and a desire to spell last names correctly) I looked up the writer's blog before I wrote this and she had posted some sort of comment about how she doesn't get to pick the covers. If that helps at all. ;)

  3. I love young adult stuff. It's the literary equivalent of watching TV. I know it's mostly fluff, but it's entertaining fluff.

    I have to agree with Colt. The cover is alarmingly awful. Though, I suppose if someone told me they'd publish my book, but only if I agree to let them put a tube of lipstick and some flip flops on the cover, I'd probably still say yes. So I can't blame Janette Rallison too much.

  4. I love the quote from Lemony Snicket that said "Once they throw enough money at you, you really don't care what they do to your books."