Monday, March 14, 2011

Can Butler beat Utah State? CAN THEY??

I never knew filling out an NCAA bracket could be so mentally taxing. 

Do you use a math-based system where the high seeds win and hope that statistics are on your side?

How much does loyalty play into this?  Will I feel like an idiot later if I don't pick Mountain West teams now and then they triumph over adversity and higher ranked teams?  Will blind faith in UNLV, despite having never watched a UNLV game, be rewarded somehow?  And as far as my home state goes, I want Utah State to go as far as they can, but at what point does that get unrealistic?  Should I just substitute my Ute love for Aggie love on principle and ride that team out to the Championship?  (Answer: No.)

BYU ... oh, what to do with BYU ... I feel like Jimmer alone gets them past Round 2, but BYU is famous for crumbling under high expectations.  And really, nothing can compel me to put BYU in the Final Four, but at what point do I knock them out?

Does Cincinnati beat Connecticut just because it's more fun to say "Cincy?"  DO THEY?

I can't even imagine how people who know stuff about college basketball handle this.


  1. The thought that anyone knows anything about college basketball is a myth. It's a bigger pseudoscience than astrology. Though Mercury being in retrograde is usually a good sign for the Tar Heels.

  2. ::laughing @ you & Colt:: I feel your pain. My husband gets me into a pool every year and I just pick based on feelings - whether I like the name/team/colors - mascot...don't know.

    Good luck, but I would say you are right about BYU especially after losing their star player.

  3. GO AGGIES! (But you're right ... they're not going to make it all the way. As much as I would love them to.)