Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't underestimate immaturity

So remember the boy who challenged me on the proper pronunciation of "Rumbi"? 

He has texted me six times since our date.

I have not responded.

But every morning, I get, "How are you?"  "How is work going?"  "What's up?" (Again, the genericness leads me to believe these are mass texts.)

Normally in this situation, I don't feel like I would need to respond.  The fade out is only inappropriate after multiple dates.  If you've gone on one date and it didn't go well, it is perfectly fine to just sort of disappear rather than tell someone, "No, that date was sooooo bad I'm not willing to go another round."

But because this guy is so obviously clueless, I feel the need to just write him a little, "Hey, you seem like a nice guy, but I'm just not that into you."  Or lie - "My dog died!"  "Just started dating someone else!"  "Got back together with my ex!"  "I'm a lesbian!"  "Moving to Canada!"  Yeah, honestly, I'd probably lie. 

The only thing that stops me is this: it's been almost a week, and I have done nothing to encourage this.  Who repeatedly sends, "How are you doing this morning?" texts knowing that the one from yesterday is still unresponded to?

I conclude that he's trying to spite me.  "Teach her not to like me, rumble rumble, send her a bunch of annoying texts, rumble..."

So I decide that I am going to spite him by continuing to not respond.  (So I will win.  Because the goal of dating is winning.)

But then he ups the ante and calls me and leaves me a voicemail.

Now I feel like I have no choice but to (1) continue to ignore and be a huge jerk, (2) call back and tell the truth, which is that he has, is, and most likely always will annoy the bajeebers out of me, or (3) make a declaration of lesbianism.

Decisions, decisions ...

(And despite all this, I still maintain the belief that someday I'll get married.  Though I'm sure on some level, I'll also be doing that out of spite.)


  1. I for one would not respond, so a scientific study to see how long he keeps sending texts. What if he makes it to 30? 50? At 100 I'd probably marry him as a reward for his determination/telemarketing.

  2. Wow, that is some serious determination.

  3. oh my gosh, i hate when this kind of thing happens! i would stick with ignoring if it were me, but i guess it depends on how long it goes on.

    good luck!

  4. Can you block his number? It would be so much easier to ignore texts you never got.

    And a voice mail after all the avoidence is just down right creepy.

  5. Just text him "Please stop contacting me." You don't have to explain yourself. And you've responded. It's not cruel. It's not lying. It's plain and simple.

  6. Like all questions in life this can be solved with a quote from Homer Simpson "I'm not gay, but I'm willing to learn."

  7. What on Earth!!?? People are so weird now-a-days...I'd have the same struggle honestly. I think what I would do is text him back saying: "This is a corporate cell phone, please stop sending texts to it. If you continue to send texts to this number you will be contacted and asked to pay for said texts." or something along those lines. Although, I tried this once and the girl who kept sending me creepy texts (she thought I was someone else) responded with "Yeah right! lol". Sigh.