Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts from the Lady Gaga concert

Thought process during the Opening Act:
  • Who are the Scissor Sisters?  
  • Oh, they've acknowledged that no one who isn't British or gay knows who they are.  Maybe I like them.
  • Oh my goodness, that man just lost his pants.  I bet that mom who brought her kids regrets it now.
Lady Gaga:
  • Every song was pretty much amazing, but as Lady Gaga delivered her third lecture on positive self-esteem, Kate said, "Do you feel like you're at an assembly right now?"  Christy said, "I get the feeling that there are sad people out there in this audience, and this is really touching them.  But now I'm sad that a Lady Gaga concert was what touched them."
  • Oh I might throw up -- why is there a gif of her eating raw meat with blood pouring down her face on the screen?
  • Oh, her poor boobs.  Why is she doing that to them?  Doesn't she know that they, just like her fans, just want to express themselves?  Boobs were not meant to be taped up and squished down under transparent plastic, Lady Gaga.  I suggest you re-listen to your self-esteem speeches.
  • "Born This Way" - definitely not my favorite Lady Gaga song,* but wow, can she sing.  She played a stripped down, bluesy version while playing the piano, and it was so much prettier.
  • That girl has good abs.  I mean, I know she's admitted that she doesn't really eat in interviews--she even announced she was hungry at the concert--but it was worth it.  Penciling in my diet now.
  • To all the people who got up to leave after "Paparazzi" was over and she ran off stage saying, "Good night, Salt Lake City!" --- have ya'll never been to a concert?  Do you not know how this works?  She hasn't even sung BAD ROMANCE, for the love, sit back down.

* It's the end that gets me -- the whispered, "Same DNA ... but born this way" refrain.  BAAA, I get it.  And while I know you think it's deep, it's not technically true.  Watch CSI.

A song that makes me happy: "Stand Out" from A Goofy Movie (don't act like you didn't love it, too.)

A song that makes me sad: the ironically titled "Cowgirls Don't Cry," Brooks & Dunn featuring Reba  McEntire.


  1. I read your post to my husband and we were laughing! We are especially fond of the conversation between you, Christy and Kate. Oh, and the guy losing his pants. heehee

    Thanks for the update - I don't know if I would be brave enough to take our youngest [13] to one of her concerts [not like we could afford it] but you did give me a little hope if it ever comes up. Thanks.

  2. I was so going to go to that. I am not the biggest Gaga fan, but I decided that I needed to own The Fame Monster because it is a big enough cultural impact album that it should be in my collection, and seeing a Lady Gaga concert will be the closest I ever come to seeing Freddy Mercury in concert.

  3. Interesting. I know the Scissor Sisters. "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" was in heavy rotation on my iPod for quite some time. Of course, that was like two years ago. I thought Scissor Sisters had faded into obscurity. Nice that they're getting some work.

    I laughed at the part about people leaving before the encore. It happens at every show. Dude, if the lights haven't come back on yet, there's a REASON.