Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Step right up

Should you read it?

Yes you should.

I know I'm way behind on this bandwagon, especially considering the movie is coming out this month, but hey.  Better late than never, right?

Water for Elephants skips back and forth between the narrator's time as a 23-year-old vet school drop out working in a circus to his present day existence in an assisted living facility.  Unlike most books with two separate story lines, I didn't find myself skipping the "B-plot."  (Prime example is Sword of Shannara, which we had to read in seventh grade.  Who honestly doesn't skip the chapters where Shea is looking for the damn sword to so you can move on to the battle scenes?  I rest my case.)  But the circus versus nursing home tension worked perfectly here, which is why I'm assuming they're making it into a movie.

Speaking of which, I am actually excited for the first time ever for a Robert Pattinson movie--who knew?  But I think he's going to make a great vet school dropout.  Oddly enough, the casting I'm not terribly into is Reese Witherspoon, who I normally love.

Folks who have also read the book (or seen the trailer), thoughts, feelings, blind assertion of opinion?


  1. LOVED this book. I recommend it to people obsessively and can't wait to see the movie. I'm wondering if the chemistry between Rob and Reese will be weird, but I'm hoping they did such a great job with the movie that I won't care once I see it. I'm currently reading Gruen's Ape House and so far I'm a little disappointed...

  2. I loved this book despite the fact that it broke my heart several times (animal cruelty, people forgetting about their old dad..), and I can't wait to see the movie. I just read it about six moths ago so you aren't the only one that is hopping on the wagon at the last minute.

  3. I have read the book and loved it but I can't get past Robert P. so I'm probably not going to see the movie. He's the worst. Who knows though... maybe I'll rent it some day. I did love the book. Something about circus life is so fascinating.

  4. Kim - that's disappointing, I was thinking of trying that one next.

    Abby - totally with you. The animals plus the situation at nursing home? Heartbreaker. But I loved the ending - sweet but not sappy.

    Elizabeth - see, I share your Robert P concerns in that I can't tell if he's a good actor who has been in bad movies, or if he's a bad actor. I guess we shall see. But for some reason, he just kinda looks right for the part - who knew, a 23 year old playing a 23 year old works for me?

    Hails - duh, absolutely.