Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Rick: So what ever happened with you and that guy?

Me: Oh, you know.  I cared about him, loved him, blah blah blah, the end.

Rick: And they say women are too emotional to be president.

A song that is a guilty pleasure: "I Would Do Anything For Love," Meatloaf


  1. Meatloaf should not be a guilty pleasure. I maintain he has the second best voice in rock history.

    Bat out of Hell is an amazing album.

  2. "Will you hose me off with holy water if I get too hot?" = direct evidence of a guilty pleasure.

    I do not deny that Meatloaf is great, but this song is ridiculous. Ridiculous and awesome.

  3. Convinced. The video is a classic as well. Meatloaf as The Beast riding a Harley through a mansion or something. Awesome.