Friday, March 25, 2011

A list

A movie I need to see: Hobo With A Shotgun.

A book I need to read: Sweet Valley Confidential.

(Don't judge me!  I read all these books as a kid, including the weird ones where they go to college, and Elizabeth and her psychotic sister Jessica are finally 27!  Plus, I hear a Wakefield is turning out gay in this one, and I've got $50 on Steven.  Though the dad is also a tempting choice ...)

A place I need to visit: Costa Rica.

A set of DVDs I really need to finish: The Wire.  Oh for the love, will they ever stop staring at me from atop their Netflix pile?

And a song that I can dance to: "Dixieland Delight," Alabama.  You haven't lived until you've hoe-downed with a bunch of sorority girls.  


  1. If Hobo with a Shotgun is anything like Machette...I'm there opening night. Hopefully with friends who get slightly drunk and act inappropriate.

  2. I can't wait for Sweet Valley Confidential! You are totally right about Steven.

  3. Have you read the Sweet Valley book yet? Jessica is way more horrible than I remember.

  4. Ugh, no! I need to go get it, but part of me wants to get it from the library, old school-style.