Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for tidbits

A conversation and a disaster

The conversation 

Juan:  journalism job postings are always enlightening
Applicants must: Assist the editors in setting goals and working to achieve them
Me:  Nice
It would be more awesome if they'd just put "work" though.

Juan:  yeah. i don't really need flowery bullet points describing a copy editor job
like if it was
NBA Point Guard opening
Applicants will: handle the ball, shoot, lead the team.

The disaster

You all know I have an underpants obsession, right?  Of course I do.  Anyway, I was putting on one of my cuter pairs (I'd give you a visual image, but believe it or not, the Victoria's Secret webpage is blocked by my work's Net Nanny.)  (NO, I don't draft blog posts from work.  Ummm ....) (NO, you can't have a visual image of the actual pair, I have standards.) (Don't laugh.), a blue-and-white striped number with lacy side panels and little pink bows.  It's like a pair of Gone with the Wind panties, I do declare. 

I pulled them up, and BAM. The lace on one side completely shredded.  Not due to fatness (for the record, though my new diet is newly begun, I've never torn a pair of undies purely through the power of thunder thighs) but due to the pressure of holding on to them by the waist band and pulling them up.

You know.  The way people put on their underpants every single day.

It was most disappointing. 

(OK, fine, I got home and found a picture:

GAAAA, aren't they cute?  So pissed.)

(Yes, this qualifies as a disaster in my life.  If you had a pair of Gone with the Wind-esque underpants, you would understand.)


  1. I had about five pairs of those. All of them were ruined after two washes. :(

  2. Really cute! Maybe they were meant to be put in a frame? :)

  3. Wow, that spelled trouble for you if ever I heard of an instance. At least there will be other pieces for you to enjoy.

  4. What would the job description for a Victoria's Secret Quality Control Manager look like, I wonder?

  5. That is a super cute style! So sorry!

    As to the job description issue, there could be the opposite problem, like with my job. I don't really do much of anything that's actually on the job description.