Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for it's a fun dating world out there, people

The following things have actually been said to me on dates:

My dad works at Wells Fargo.  It's a banking institution. 

My favorite part of going to BYU-I was the Honor Code.

(After walking me to my car.)  Well, good luck on finals!  (Finals were 6 weeks away.) 

(After walking me to my door.)  Well, can I call you when I get ready to apply to law school?  (It was May.)

Any fun lines you all would like to share?


  1. I never knew Honor Codes could be someone's favorite thing.

    Or maybe I'm just a troublemaker.

    Once my roommate's boyfriends best friend told the boyfriend that his girlfriend (my roommate) was the best girl in the apartment, and then the best friend of the boyfriend tried to date me and I still don't understand why she told me that or why he wanted to date me if he thought she was the shiz, not me.

    Last night my roommates had a friend over, and he told them that if they get married, the sexiest thing a woman can do for her husband is to wear an apron and nothing else when making dinner. And I really wanted to pop in and yell, "THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" but then I'd be a eavesdropper. (But they talk so loudly! I couldn't help it.)

  2. Dating is great.... married life is better. I promise.

    It's not because marriage is some happy schmappy fairy tale. It's because I don't have to go to dinner with extremely stupid/flirty/"pious boys who do nothing but talk about their mission, money, parents, and future plans. Instead, my husband and I can talk about more important things- like how excited I am for the next episode of Glee.

  3. Have to agree with Abby [and not just about Glee!] :) And truthfully, when you are married your guard is so far down [after years of doing this] that the lines get better.

    No one makes me spit take over silly stuff quite like my husband.

    [And I had to read Alexandra's first paragraph several times before I could figure it out. Wow - that guy was a doof!]

  4. Best (ha!) line I ever heard on a date? "So, ever been in any car accidents."

    Yep, I don't miss dating.

  5. I had a guy tell me that he had an eclectic taste in music, pause, and ask if I knew what that means. This after being told that I was an English major.

    Also, he would periodically send me texts telling me "Hay you, marry christmas" and asking if I wanted to "hang out" after I was engaged to the man who's now my husband. :)

  6. "I usually like to out with 'cute' guys, but it's nice going out with someone different for a change."

    "I picked you because you were the most non-Jewish looking guy in the room."

    Both were real, two different girls, and never resulted in a second date.

  7. "I have to tell you, I'm really shy."


    "Mind if my sister and her friends come along?"


    "So, what's your typical day like?"

  8. *giggles* Boys are silly. It's been so long since I was in the dating pool, it seems I have no recollection at all.

    Love the title of your blog!

  9. You guys had some amazing additions, hahaha :) Loved it

  10. @SkippyMom: It's confusing for me too. I tried to make it readable, but at some point, I had to accept that what it really needed was a chart. haha