Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for economic flirting

I have a few pet peeves that are difficult for me to get over.

Using "gay" as an synonym for "stupid" or "lame."

BYU football fans who think that a victory from 1984 can make up for any other failure.  (Actually, just about all BYU football fans.)

Pioneer treks.

Twenty-somethings that go into "business" for themselves.  (C'mon ... you know it's not really a business.)

Girls who complain about how hard it is to plan a wedding.  (Kids, curing cancer is hard.  Picking flowers is not.)

Born again Red Sox fans.

And right there at the top of the list is guys who flirt because they have an economic relationship with you.  

You know what I'm talking about.  You're taking snowboarding lessons, and your instructor keeps telling you you're the prettiest girl on the mountain, even though you're not wearing any makeup and your hair is knotted up under your beanie.  And oh, what's that?  He flashes a wedding ring when he takes off his gloves to fix your bindings?

Or the waiter who offers compliments along with a list of daily specials?

The guy at the frozen yogurt place who flirts indiscriminately with you -- a grown up -- and high school aged gigglers looking to spend their allowances on kiwi.

I find this all very irritating partly because it's disingenuous, but also because it's a little insulting.  I mean, really -- is the easiest way to get a girl to shell out more money REALLY to just compliment her hair?  (Ok, if you're a hair stylist,  then yes.  That is a good tactic.)

I mean, if you want more money out of me, lie to me about how you have exploding lung disease or a box of homeless puppies you need to care for.  That I might fall for.


  1. Haha, I don't know if that sort of flirting has ever happened to me, and that's because I wouldn't know if it happened. So that wouldn't work on me. Bet they don't count on customers who ignore everything but getting their frozen yogurt in good time!

    I agree with all your pet peeves. I hope I never go on a pioneer trek again.
    I'm afraid that when the time comes to plan my wedding, I'll be That Girl. Eeeeeh. If I do, I swear I'm scrapping all the plans and eloping.

  2. are we related? cuz we should be.

    the only thing that went wrong on my wedding day was the pictures. they sucked. but everything else went swimmingly. why? because i didn't give a damn how it all went down, just as long as it ended with me and my man, married.

  3. Lost puppies. Always a good ploy. Loved your post. Roland

  4. Or waiters who join into your personal conversation to try and make you feel like you have some friendly connection and will tip him more. "Oh, you were mentioning that one of your friends just got into dental school at X university? My sister used to live in that city. Let me ask you questions about it that are none of my business."

    I agree with the gay = stupid thing, and would also add "retarded" in that same category.

  5. Your month of Alphabets [or whatever this thing is called] are so entertaining - you come up with the best posts.

    And I have to agree. Especially the gay=stupid [and what A&B said too.] I love the commercials they have where the teenagers are throwing around the word and someone will shoot back "That's so Nancy" - and Nancy gets all offended because it is used in a derogatory way - just to show how stupid their use of the word is.