Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for farraginous and finger tag me back, Jack

I love the word farraginous -- it just means random, mixed up, assorted.  As someone who uses the word "random" a little too much, it's nice to have some high-falutin adjectives to thrown down on occasion.  (Particularly when you are engaging in an attempt to write one blog post per alphabet letter in the month of April.)  (Does it matter that I'm not entirely confident that I know how to use this word?  No, because I'm 80% sure that no one is.)

So I bring you a precious farraginous moment from my life.

The other day my dad said "You know, I think you and Tim Lincecum would make cute kids."

You know what, Dad?  I agree.

Parents are so cute.  They get the wackiest ideas sometimes.  For example, a friend's mom was kind of legitimately convinced that she would marry Kyle Korver.  It wasn't the most far-fetched idea, since at least this girl and Kyle Korver were residents of the same city at the time.  And they had oddly, shall we say, coinciding careers, and therefore meeting Kyle Korver was not exactly out of the realm of possibility. 

(For a cute basketball player, I'm somewhat surprised that this is the best picture of Kyle Korver I could find.)

And another f-word: following.*

I just want to say, first, yay for new friends!  Second, I have every intention of visiting your blogs and making nice comments as well, it's just been a bit cray-cray lately.  Third, if you have left a nice comment, know that I either went awwwwww or chuckled (depending on the context), even if I didn't respond.  I struggle. 

* Is it embarrassing that I care so much that I suddenly have a bunch more readers?

Meh.  Probably. 

Song I listen to when I'm happy: "Show Me What I'm Looking For," Carolina Liar.  (Is that basically their only song, PS?)

Song I listen to when I'm sad: "Thunderstruck," AC/DC


  1. I think Carolina Liar's "Simple Life" is actually a better song than the other.

  2. Great word.

    Now if only I could wrap my tongue around it. Argh.

  3. I am looking forward to hearing you actually use that word in a normal conversation and have it work!

  4. Don't be embarrassed. I recently realized I have 19 followers, and I don't know where a lot of them came from. Also I'm not sure any of them ever actually read my blog.

    I don't know who that first guy is, but dang. Attractive.

  5. I read through several of your blog posts and have come to the conclusion that your blog is really funny and you make me laugh! I'm going to follow you now!

  6. Enjoyed reading your farroginous thoughts :D

  7. Um.... definitely NOT embarrassing to be giddy over new followers!

    Or, if it is, I'm guilty. In fact, I'm totally jealous of your over-70 following... I was estatic for 7!