Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for questionable taste

Diego and I have this idea for a restaurant.  What's the worst part of sushi?  You can't eat it on the go.  What's the worst part of a burrito?  The potential for uneven guacamole/sour cream/salsa distribution.

At our restaurant, you have the option of ordering an uncut sushi roll in tinfoil so you can just om-nom-nom away, even in the car, or burritos sliced up for your sauce dipping convenience.

While I initially argued that our restaurant should be called Sushi-Burrito! (ideally, people would pronounce it "Sushi-Burrito-Exclamation-Point!") because I am pro-simplicity, Diego came up with the best name ever:

Señor Sushitosan's Sushi-Burrito Experience!


PS - While this is, sadly, a true story, can you tell I'm kinda phoning it in today?  Sorry folks.  Q is a rough letter.


  1. Is it sad that I would go to a restaurant like that, and gladly? I'm a sucker for a gimmick, but I also love burritos and sushi. And while I have no idea how to say "Sushitosan," I like how it looks.

  2. This idea has potential. But what about the wasabi?

  3. great post and you did amazing for the letter Q

  4. Finding a decent foil wrapped burrito in this valley of SLC is near impossible. Other than Chipotle (which is a chain and offends my foodie sensibilities, but a damn fine burrito none the less).

  5. Alex, Becca - muchas gracias. Wish I knew the Japanese for thank you as well.

    Karen, I think you would have to pre-order your sushi as mild, medium, or hot, and then the wasabi would be rolled right there with the other stuff. Same with the ginger, though honestly, who likes the ginger?

    Colt - you don't like Barbacoa? (Says the girl who lives in New Denver and not this "valley of SLC" you speak of ...)

  6. Oh, Oh! I like the ginger. I never eat the wasabi with my sushi, but always the ginger.

  7. I don't dislike Barbacoa, but it is not trashy taqueria I love so much. I like a little more fat in carnitas than most places in Utah can provide. Even my beloved Red Iguana falls short on the burrito front.