Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for yes, I judge myself for this

So I never though I'd do this.  

But there's a first time for everything, right?  And it seems like the A-Z Challenge is the time to do it.

Behold some pictures. 

Kate, Abby/Amy, Hannah and me at the Halloween/Blackout game in 2009.  

Abby/Amy ... sometimes I get my pseudonyms all mixed up.

Oh, we're so stinkin cute.  I had to add another.  Go Utes!

Tri Delta ladies, May 2010 at Destination Wedding.  Yup, I'm the one who didn't get the "take your sunglasses off" memo.

The obligatory bridesmaids-mauling-the-groom at Ryan and Kate's wedding, 2006.  This is also where the infamous chest-bump took place.

Me and Amelia, law school gangstas.  While I have the highest hopes for our future careers, I believe our greatest contribution to the world of academia will have been convincing G-Money that the word "fisting" shouldn't be used in a scholarly article -- without ever having to tell him what fisting meant.

(If you don't know what the word "fisting" means, please don't google it.)

Here's where I would have put a picture of me and Rodrigo at the law school Halloween party, October 2007, except he's dressed as a 300 warrior (wearing only a cape, black boxer briefs, sandals, and a lot of bronzer) and I am dressed as the year 2004 (wearing a trucker hat, and making very little effort.)  He would be less-than-thrilled with me if I put that on my blog.  More importantly, I wasn't at my cutest.

Me and Diego at the Rockstar Party, September 2008.  I normally don't make a fish-face in photos and Diego doesn't really wear guy-liner.  Much.

So if you happen to live in New Denver and run into someone you think might be me, ask yourself first--is that girl wearing abnormally large sunglasses?

Or crooked regular glasses?

Because you may have found me.

Hopefully the sun will be back out before that happens.


  1. (I just want to acknowledge, I know between the pictures, videos, and random one-sentence posts, I am phoning it in this week. But this little alphabet challenge has gotten the best of me. Hoping for better things tomorrow.)

  2. Not that this is what you were going for, but wow, you are way pretty. I'm saying this because your blogger photo is really small so I didn't actually know what you looked like. And it's always weird to find out what the people behind the words really look like.
    Am I creepy? I hope not.

    Also, I like big sunglasses, but apparently not as much as you do. (The optician at my eye dr. today asked me why I didn't just do transitions as she was adjusting my new prescription sunglasses, and I was like "Sunglasses need to be bigger than normal glasses, duh.")

  3. Woot, woot for law school grads and embarrassing photos with said law school grads at embarrassing law school grad events! I have my own fair share... (which will never ever see the light of the blogging world!)

    P.s. I agree with Alexandra... you're a cutie petutie ( :

  4. I have to agree with Alexandra - your blog icon is so small, and I always thought you were adorable, but dannnnng you are gorgeous girl! Big sunglasses and all. :)

    The "guy-liner" made me laugh and I can't wait to drop it in a sentence when my husband and I are watching Project Runway. I just bet I can get him to spit take. giggle

  5. You're smokin'!

    (not that I didn't already know that)

  6. You are zzzimply adorable! Congrats on finishing the challenge! It was fun finding your blog.
    My Blog

  7. Aw shucks, thanks guys. :) But I'll have to admit that I obviously only picked the cute pictures, hahaha.

  8. I think I do know you. This all predicated on the belief you went a mediocre date to the Old Spaghetti Factory once.

  9. Colt - haha, seriously? I don't think I have, but I've been on a lot of mediocre dates in my day. Maybe they all blended together. ;)

  10. I had actually forgotten about till recently, when a friend reminded me of it, but yeah I am pretty sure it was. Like 98%. It was a double date if that helps, and there was an Italian Soda involved, beyond that I my memory is fuzzy.

  11. Man, Ryan is quite handsome!