Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for opples and bononos

I know I say this periodically, but I'm starting a new diet. 

Anyone have a thought about the whole cleanse-detox thing?  Or is that just too Hollywood, and it will work only if I also have a personal trainer and chef on hand to revive me if, you know, I pass out?


  1. The last "cleanse" I tried was called the Salt Water Cleanse, don't use your imagination.

    Pretty sure, they're all crap (double meaning intended).

  2. My sister does one of those (mainly cuz she has ibs, I'm sure too much info) and she eats a bunch of organic stuff that tastes like tree bark but she claims she feels better afterwards and sheds a couple lbs.

  3. No opinion - I had to cut salt out of my diet a year ago [CHF] and I haven't been able to put weigh on since. ALL the GOOD stuff has salt. Trust me.

    I am laughing at Colt. priceless.

  4. i never figured out those detox thingys but good luck sweetie

  5. Forget cleansing, you should look into the Paleo diet. That's where it's it at.

  6. thanks for the suggestions, homies.