Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Rockstar

Our 2L year of law school, my friend Brandon and I drank so many Rockstars that we secretly filled three empty library shelves with them.  Then we (okay, he) made paperclip army men who had battles on top of them.  (My paperclip army men always ended up falling over.)

One day we went back to that section of the library, and it was all gone.  That was a sad day.

I'll try to stop before that point at this job.


  1. That's pretty funny. Did you sneak photos of your masterpiece?

  2. Haha I would have loved to have seen it.

  3. I can imagine the look on the person's face who found it all (and then had the pleasure of cleaning it up).

    Too funny!

  4. I am a Monster man myself.

    I once drank a huge Monster and a 5 Hour Energy in a very short time span in order to make an early morning drive from Salt Lake City to St George after a late night at what I think was an Aquabats concert. Everyone else was asleep in the car. When my spouse awoke and looked at me with a wired, coked out, Nicholas Cage like expression on my face she asked in a concerned voice "Are you...okay?" To which I replied in a rushed scream (again similar to Nicholas Cage) "NO! I feel like a F***ing Squirrel."

  5. Hehehe fun! Wish you took pictures.


  6. I did that EXACT SAME THING in college! No kidding. Well, not exactly. We used cans of Keystone (Premium, not that Light stuff, because we were so awesome.) Granted, I didn't go to law school, or have to study or anything -- I just got a BFA in theater, so that kind of thing was actually encouraged in our department.