Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for moi

You know those "About Me" sections on blogs where people describe themselves with a lot of casual detail?

My name is Cindy and I love my cats, Jane Austen, and junk food!  I'd give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter!

Admitting to addictions to harmless products: a key component of the blogger biography.  (Substitute Diet Coke, coffee, frozen yogurt, or gummi bears for chocolate and you will also be on target.)

I don't know how you get around this.  Obviously no one (normal) is going to share their real heart and soul on a blog.  So we all look like cheesy lamesters, but at least we're cheesy lamesters in good company, yes?

So hey, I am Ru.  That's not my real name - in fact, a grand total of two people in my real life have ever called me that, but I don't really want to be googlable.  I write stories on my blog about my friends and family, all of whom have also been renamed at this point. I love zombie movies and cupcakes.  I'm a nerdy former sorority girl, ex-Senate intern, lawyer, and aspiring writer.

And while I know I should hate ignorance, unkindness, and arrogance above all, my biggest point of rage in this world is people who insist on saying, "Really?!" multiple times after I inform them of something.


Yes.  Really.


  1. Yes, we'll all be cheesy lamesters together, at least.

  2. New follower here. Love your daily funnies! ;)
    I'm a laywer/aspiring writer, too.

    You know, I noticed this strange "food addiction" phenomenon the other day also. Where on earth did this come from? Do people really give a crap if I eat chips and salsa until I have a stomachache? Probably not. I'm going to refrain from adding it to my profile. Doesn't have the same mystique as a chocolate-based addiction, anwyay. LOL

  3. Guilty to the diet Coke addiction, but strangely enough I didn't put it on my blog bio.

  4. I'm not a lawyer. But I've paid them a couple of times.
    And you like cheese? Really?
    You're funny!

  5. You were a sorority girl? That was an unexpected tidbit.

  6. Virtual me and Real me are not the same, but, let's say a facsimile. I like to keep it that way, but I sometimes over share. The one thing I did learn, a little late, is not to put my kid's real names in my writing. Sure, they're little and seem like appendages now, but some day, they'll have virtual lives too and won't want their mom's sloppy seconds.

    BTW, I gave you the prestigious Versatile Blog Award. You can see it here:, if you are into awards and such. If not, that's totally cool. Consider it a virtual high five.

  7. really? and what if the reality of me is a cheesy lamester huh?
    Loving your crazies

  8. I say "Seriously" a lot, I am sure that would annoy you :) Checking you out from the A to Z challenge.

  9. Stopping by for A-Z. You got spunk, Ru. I like it. You know what else I like? Meth. It's all over my bio, but it's between the lines.
    Forget it.
    Good luck on the challenge, and I'll be following!

  10. Lydia K: totally agreed There is something fundamentally lame about blogging, but if we're all in it together, it's ok.

    Di: Yeppers, it's true.

    Magpie write: Thank you, I appreciate it!

    Jeanmarie, Laura, Tiffani, Mickey - nice to meet you guys. :)