Monday, February 28, 2011

And we all give thanks to Cougar Town...

... for this awesome game.

The rules: You pick two movies, mash up their titles so they can be read as one sentence, and then describe the movie. 

Example (stolen directly from Cougar Town): Al Gore does a Powerpoint presentation on Madonna's naked body.

Answer: An Inconvenient Truth or Dare.

Clarification: You can't just randomly smoosh things - no Wet Hot American Beauty Summers, people.

So here are some from me (and friends who have also played this game).  Feel free to answer them, call them lame, or come up with your own in the comment section.

1. Billionaire genius fights injustice and falls in love with a store display.

2. World-class runner won't compete on Sundays and tries to fix his marriage.

3. Hugh Grant struggles with being shallow and transgendered.

4. War hero takes control of his mobster family and tries to not go broke while planning his daughter's wedding.

5. Miniature magic person throws an evil artifact in a volcano and overcomes stuttering.

6. Genetically enhanced sharks race a tiny horse with a tinier jockey.

7. Depression-era boxer exacts some really gross revenge on kidnappers.


Thanks to Jose for some additional clues:

8. A fertile woman is the constant bearer of bad news.

9. A young extraterrestrial learns the truth about his family while a young human changes the truth about his family.  (There is a bonus clue available for this one, and I'm not ashamed to admit I needed it.)

10. Tough cop moves in with Bigfoot

11. A spunky British young lady meddles in wedding preparations.


  1. I just discovered cougartown and have been marathoning through. The games are one of the best parts of the show.

    1. Batmannequin
    3. About a boy's don't cry
    4. Godfather of the Bride
    5. Return of the King's Speech

  2. Here are some more:
    1: Revenge driven genetically engineered London babysitter changes a family.
    2: A group of Army rangers seek a shock value radio broadcaster.
    3: A stuffed bear seeks his father caught up in the search for the holy grail.
    4: Ghost Pirates on a sinking ship.

  3. De-lurking to answer #6: Deep Blue Seabiscuit. And I think #7 might be Cinderella Man on Fire.

  4. Alex - if number 2 is "Saving Private Parts Ryan," I'm going to have to get irritated and refer you back to the Clarification above. (And yes, I did have help coming up with that.) Jeez, these ones are hard!

    Genavee and Nikol - you guys are right on your guesses. :) And thanks for de-lurking, ma'am.

  5. #2 is Three Kings' Private Parts (not sure if the rule allows me to do a play on the word from Kings as a plural to Kings' as a possessive).

  6. Though I should come to Trebek's defense. Jeopardy has had the mishmash category going for years, and has done movie titles, music titles, book titles, etc. But Cougartown version seems to have stricter rules. Jeopardy would allow ommissions. Jeopardy would let you substitute out a word of one with the other. Which thinking about it, I did on my #3, which is probably why it is difficult.

  7. Alex-I will be honest, I can't get any of yours. Spill spill!

  8. (Also, Number 2 is "Chariots of Fireproof," in case that was driving anyone nuts.)