Thursday, February 17, 2011

You know what is super frustrating?


Look, I don't need a really cute blog with a bunch of old-timey sewing machines and font that looks like quilt stitching.  I just want to change my header and my font until it looks the way I want it.  Not crazy, right?  I found the font I want.  I installed it onto my computer.  BLOGGER WON'T DO IT.  It lets me select the words, it lets me go to where I would pick a new font.  But the font never takes.

But in case you want to know how cute it is, I took a picture of it.

Sassy, no?

(Yes, this mini-conniption is inspired, in part, by realizing how many people have the exact same blog background as me.  In my defense, I don't need total originality, just a smidgen.)


  1. Hey! Ok so I read your blog...have posted a friend of a friend. But I'm a graphic designer and could create an image/jpg with the font you want and you can then upload it. If you want me to just facebook me

  2. Oh. I know. I like to use pictures as my blog header, and that way I can put the font I want on the picture and then import. But then, of course, Blogger has to be a huge baby about it every time, and I have to finagle it over and over again until it doesn't go in sideways.

  3. Sarah - that sounds awesome, I'll totally email you this weekend, thanks!

  4. re the ever-present scrapbook/quilting blog background: ha! also, i like the header (and the book background).