Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So this is why I keep my Facebook

Friend 1 just had a baby two months ago.  Friend 2 had a baby about a year ago.

Today Friend 1's facebook status said, "I hate night time."

And Friend 2 replied, "Don't worry!  Soon you'll turn into a robot and getting up at night won't seem as bad."

I love those girls. 

1 comment:

  1. Actually [and maybe I blocked it out] but friend 1's baby should be sleeping through the night shortly.

    [By "sleeping through the night" I mean from 10 - 5 am or there abouts.] I am actually surprised the baby isn't by now.

    And I think I had the best of all worlds - I nursed my kids, so it was understood that Hubs got up and brought the baby to me and I just slept while they nursed. No bottles, no getting up...just laid there. [I really didn't nurse because it was the "better" option health wise, I totally believe in formula too. To be honest it was just so much easier.]

    And no - never suffocated a one of them.

    [This was really TMI, wasn't it. Sorry.]