Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At my new job, I work at a building in delightful proximity to one of the best bakeries EVAH. 

Unfortunately, at my new job, I almost never get off work in time to snag a little snacker before closing time. 

I would say that this is "ironic," but I don't want to have someone internet-accost me with grammar lessons.  Anyone who is certain of the definition of irony and is willing to force it on others gets an extra point in the a-hole ledger, as far as I'm concerned.  


  1. I could not agree more with extra points for a-hole ledger. My office is basically in a "food desert". So, I have begun to love the mostly terrible food they sell at the cafeteria; I am way to lazy prep a lunch everyday.

  2. I actually have no idea what ironic means, and recently had a conversation about that with my sister. I'm almost positive that when I do use it I'm using it incorrectly. It makes me really insecure, so I usually avoid it.

    I think that might be ironic, but I'm not sure.