Sunday, February 20, 2011

What? Maybe he never learned that word in school

Me: So do you like to read?

Boy: Not really.

Me: ...

Boy:  What have you read lately?

Me: Um, I read The Hunger Games trilogy awhile back, it was great.

Boy: Oh yeah, I've heard of that.  How many books are in it?

Me: The Hunger Games trilogy?

Boy: Yeah.

Me: ...


  1. Ditto on what SkippyMom said. That's exactly what I thought. Oh dear.

  2. Oh no!
    I'm an English 1000 tutor (which means I help workshop papers for the basic English class), and most of the students in my group told me they don't like to read. I was like, stop hurting me, I'm an English Lit major.