Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend update and some arbitrary pickiness

I consider skiing a success if I go on multiple blue runs and only fall three times the whole day.  Yesterday = Success!

In my defense, one of those blue was DEFINITELY not really blue - double blue or black.  I don't know much about skiing, but single blue does not involve a vertical drop, people.

I learned a few lessons while skiing yesterday.  One, when there's two paths that diverge in a wood, DO NOT take the one less traveled by, even if there are a bunch of kids headed that way and you're not sure which direction your friends went.  Damn kids and their damn adventurousness.  It took a friendly snowboarder guiding me out of that sticky wicket that saved us all from having an adventure with ski patrol.

Two - running into trees doesn't hurt as much as I imagined it would.

After skiing, I was a little hungry-hungry-hippo, having eaten nothing since 8am that morning, so after I dropped off my skis, I noticed there was a Costa Vida and a Sweet Tooth Fairy in the vicinity.  I wanted Cafe Rio, but my stomach was not going to tolerate a longer wait, so I grabbed a salad and a cupcake next door.  (Confession - the real reason I wanted to buy something at Sweet Tooth Fairy was because all you damn bloggers out there gab about it all the time and I've never had one.  Advertising works, I guess.)

Tangent: When I went to college, I learned this interesting conversation tactic.  It's where you take a tiny distinction and make it sound like a big deal.  It helps when attempting to sound mature and (if you cross a certain fine line) pompous.

Like, "I like skiing, but not on Western facing mountains.  The ice crystals form too quickly underneath the snow."

Or, "I like Steven Spielberg from 1978 to 1997."

Or, "I like tanzinite, not amethyst."

Or, "I like Diet Coke, but fountain is the best."  (That one's true.)

Anyway, here's a tiny distinction for you:

Costa Vida salad ... plus Cafe Rio dressing.  Do you think the Cafe Rio people would be pissed if I just ordered dressing?  The edge goes to the Costa Vida salad because (1) less cilantro and (2) more guacamole.

But don't worry, Cafe Rio, you've still got the burrito market in my heart.



  1. I feel good about it.
    Of course, I am neither a big fan of Costa Vida nor Cafe Rio.

    I keep hearing that running into trees while skiing isn't that bad, but I still don't believe it. Probably because I've never even been skiing (yes, Utah, 22 years, no skiing. I also don't like fry sauce.)

  2. Tanzanite is SOOO much better than amethyst... Just saying!