Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just want to say ...

I've said before that my relationship with the Jazz is like the characters on Mad Men

I just want to say, this season (in sports) is my season 4 (in TV).

Betty's married to Henry!  Jerry Sloan retires!  Don proposes to Megan!  Betty wants Don back!  The Jazz get rid of Derron Williams anyway!  Everything is blowing my mind!

That show better come back STAT because that's how I'm going to make my 2012 play-off predictions. 

Is no one else seeing this?


  1. If I didn't know I wanted to be internet friends before, I do now. I honestly had a similar thought process.

  2. Still not over Sloan retiring. I actually thought "oh, are they just going to play wihtout a coach now? They can't replace him!"

  3. Right? This is all oddly traumatic.