Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pep pep pep

So guess what I realized (thanks to the stats function on blogger?)  It's RUSH WEEK, boys and girls!

For any girl who googled "Tri Delta recommendation letter" and found my blog (isn't the Internet so weird?), I figure I can offer the following advice:

Be yourself. If you are a legacy, get your letters in sooner rather than later. If you aren't a legacy, don't sweat it because it's not necessary. Yes, the Rho Chis (or "Recruitment Counselors," depending on your school) will seem a bit crazy, but go with it.  And keep an open mind. Just because your mom, aunts, and sisters were all Alpha Chis doesn't mean you wouldn't make a great Kappa.  (Why yes, I was on Greek Council.  How ever did you know?)

Oh, what the hell am I saying.  You know you just wanna pledge Tri Delta.   

(Unless you're headed up to the Blessed U.  In which case, pour one out for the tragically shut down Tri Delt house.  That was a total injustice, I tell ya.)

I am a T.

I am a T-R.

I am a T-R-I-D-E-L-T-A!  (Wa-hoo!)

We are the B-E-S-T best of the all the R-E-S-T rest,

I am a T-R-I-D-E-L-T-A!

(They'll teach you the dirty songs after initiation.)

With that, I will leave you with a little anecdotes from the life of Ru:

My friend Sam texted me awhile back to chat about law school dilemmas.  He and I were on Greek Council together (wait for it ...) SEVEN years ago.  (Jeez I feel old.)  Anyway, this is our exchange:

Sam: Testing, testing. This message is to see if this is still Ru's phone number. If it is, please reply with a derogatory comment about Pi Phi.

Me: Pi Phis are skanky sluts! :) How are ya?

Sam: I'm doing better than all the Pikes with their beer guts and early stages of AIDS.

Me: That's what we like to hear!

(Yes, all of that was a joke.  Yes, people in different houses ALSO become good friends and stay friends.  Mind-blowing, I know.)


  1. rofl Great post. You made me laugh. Good on you.

  2. Uh, Ms. Greek Council, it's RECRUITMENT WEEK!!! And actually, it's not necessary anything yet. U of U recruitment starts on the 27th. (I should know; I'm moving a nail appointment to assist with herding lovely potential new members.) And, apparently there is some academic honor society for Pharmacy - Rho Chi - pulling the good ol' "cease and desist" (like the legal jargon I threw in there?) on Greeks everywhere. So now they're just boring Recruitment Counselors, no fancy Greek letters or anything. Boo.

    One other side note to anyone out there going through this whirlwind, semi-overwhelming process. . .Give (appropriate) photos people who are writing recommendation letters to send in with said letters. It helps active members remember your face so they can recognize you. Seriously, it helps. Visual learning, people.

    Those Tri Delt girls have pep-pep-pep!

    (Not gonna lie, I just googled DDD songs and it almost brings a tear to my eye. Never thought I'd miss recruitment. One day I just want to gather people and sing the songs.)