Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clarity of thought

A lot of problems could be resolved on television or movies if characters were a little more succinct.

Take 28 Days Later as an example.  Hey scientist guy, when confronted by animal rights activists, don't dicker around saying things like, "To cure you must first understand!"

And when they ask what the monkeys are infected with, say, "Ebola.  Really, really bad ebola."

If you want to be honest, then say, "Zombieism. F'reals.  I know it sounds weird guys, but seriously, you should see this grant we got."

Saying, "Rage," while technically true, will not stop anyone from freeing the monkeys.

Do you guys have any examples of characters being too honest--or not quite honest enough?  (I'm thinking all those romantic comedies that begin with a really awful premise that would lead any real person to think, "You're a sociopath," but in movie land at least could have been rescued by a simple declaration of, "Hey, so I lied to you, made a bet with my friends and/or coworkers, etc. and so forth, but I really do think you're bitchin?  Please don't stomp off for the duration of the second act."

Because while I love me some 28 Days Later, I have never been able to stop screaming at the scientist in the opening scene, "For the love of Christmas! Try a little persuasion, dumb ass!"


  1. Yes! I often see movies or read books where the story is interesting, but the whole thing initially hinges on the main character acting like a moron.

  2. Am I mixing up my movies here? Because, for the life of me I don't remember a scientist at the beginning of 28 Days Later. And I thought I knew that movie pretty well.

  3. Remember the very beginning when the animal rights activists free the chimps? The scientist tries to stop them. It's only like a minute of screen time, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember him.