Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting to know you

I've been writing this blog for a little over two years, and recently I've begun thinking that I don't know you all as well as I'd like. 

So if you're a follower, casual reader, or lurker of this blog, would you mind doing me a favor?  Of course not, you also want to waste time on a beautiful Friday day! 

Leave a comment on this post telling me the following:

1. Your name (or InternetName)

2. Where you're from (but don't get too detailed - this is the Internet, people. Stranger danger!)

3. Your three favorite books.  (And no lies!  I liked Heart of Darkness too, but let's be real. No one REALLY picks it as their favorite book, and no one will judge you for being lowbrow.)

4. You three favorite movies.  (Same rules apply.)

5.  If you could have this afternoon free of all your obligations and money was no object, what would you do with it?

6. (Optional) Why do you read this blog?  Or perhaps, how did you find it and then decide to keep coming back?  Are you an aspiring writer too, or maybe an aspiring law student?  Did you find me from some feminist rant or nerdy dissertation I left on someone else's blog?  OR - so exciting - will I finally find out who googles CORN HUSK DRESS every single week???

(Friends of mine who were bullied into reading this blog - you don't have to answer number 6.)

This info will not only help me get to know you better, but hopefully visit your blogs as well since sometimes the links under the "followers" tab don't work.  (If you have a blog, that is.  No worries if not.)  And other people will get to know you as well!  What great fun blogging can be!

(I'm sorry for all that enthusiasm, but I now have The King and I soundtrack stuck in my head, thanks to that dumb blog post title.  RUN ELIZA RUN!)


  1. 1. Emily
    2. The PNW
    3. a. The Screwtape Letters b. Remembrance c. Pride and Prejudice
    4. a. Something's Gotta Give b.The Dark Knight
    5. I'd take my kids to Seattle and play in the city.
    6. I'm a writer like you!

    Thanks, Ru!

  2. I'll go too, since it's awkward not to.

    1. Ru

    2. I grew up in Utah and now I live in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. (Vague enough for you?)

    3. I hate answering this question, I don't know why I asked it. Today we shall say On Writing, A Song of Ice and Fire (yes, I get to claim the entire thing), and The Hunger Games (just the first one. I liked the second two, but I already got one series).

    4. Shawshank Redemption, Gone With The Wind, LA Confidential

    5. I would go get two sushi rolls for lunch, head out to pick up Spence, and go on a hike. Then (since this afternoon is apparently also twice as long as it should be), I'd drop Spence off at my dad's, rent a powerboat, make all my friends suddenly develop FridayAfternoonItis, and go wakeboarding.

  3. 1. Nikol
    2. Southern California
    3. a)To Kill a Mockingbird, b)Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban , c) Something Wicked This Way Comes.
    4. Singin' in the Rain, Clue, Best in Show.
    5. I'd go to Disneyland.
    6. I come for the humor. I stay for the sarcasm.

  4. 1. Geoffsn
    2. California
    3. I too hate these questions, plus I mainly read non-fiction and it seems that you want fiction. I liked the Stranger, the Harry Potter series, and I'm enjoying Anna Karenina (but haven't finished it. I know, I suck. Maybe I should have just listed some non-fiction boring stuff that I actually spend time reading)... wait, I know. If I'm honest I spend waaaay more time watching TV than reading, so here are 3 top TV shows: Arrested Development, 30Rock, and IT Crowd.
    4. Dr. Strangelove, Waiting for Guffman, and I really liked the last Harry Potter movie.
    5. Money is no issue? I'd blow off work for a week or so and bum around Europe with my wife (and leave the kids with their grandparents)
    6. It all started when we were each shooting down stupid conservative talking point arguments on MCB's blog and I thought that I should check out your blog.

  5. 1. Sandy
    2. Chicago, these days
    3. Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo/Revolt of the Cockroach People (technically two books, but they read like one continuous novel) -- Oscar Zeta Acosta; Under the Feet of Jesus -- Helena Maria Viramontes; and The Dharma Bums -- Jack Kerouac
    4. I like tv way more than movies, so I'm going to go with Carnivale, Firefly, and Dead Like Me.
    5. Jump in the car and drive like mad to New Orleans, where I'd spend the weekend.
    6. I read this blog because I need proof that there are other LDS critical thinkers out there. Also because we hate all the same things. Also because you are a writer. And a lawer. And I've told you before I feel like you're my snarkier alter-ego, right?

  6. 1. Colt (Is it real? Is it fake? Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Though sharing a name with prominent sex toy line has caused some interesting conversations in my life.)

    2. Utah. St George to be exact.

    3. Lonesome Dove, The Once and Future King and To Have and Have Not.

    4. The Lion in Winter, Lawerence of Arabia, LA Confidential. (The Godfather, Raging Bull and The Natural also were bantered about)

    5. Cocaine and hookers. No, most likely do some mountain biking, then rent out a theater and show my personal favorites see if I could get Tarentino or Scorsese to come, (then there might be cocaine and hookers) have a fabulous dinner at favorite Salt Lake restaurant.

    6. Google Reader suggested you. Then I found you to be a smart ass which I appreciated. You posted about the Season 4 ending of Mad Men. I commented and have been a faithful reader ever since.

  7. 1. Emilie

    2. Northern Utah (like, way too close to Idaho)

    3. Rebecca, A Tale of Two Cities, Hero and the Crown

    4. Pride and Prejudice (A&E), All the President's Men, Return of the Jedi

    5. Sleep? If not that, visit every nursery and greenhouse in town and buy a ton of plants and trees. And then plant them.

    6. I can't remember. Possibly from a comment you left on either Mormon Child Bride or ... someone else. I stayed because I think we'd be friends in real life.

  8. 1) Maggie
    2) DC
    3) This question always makes me self conscious for being poorly read, but here goes: Pride and Prejudice, Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankel and the Harry Potter series
    4) Sense and Sensibility, The Brother's Bloom and Empire Records
    5) Furniture shopping - I'm finally getting around to upgrading my furnishings and my lack of resources is slowing me down.
    6) Found you through your comments at MCB and started following because I find your post interesting and appreciate your writing style. And I'm also attorney (though currently underemployed). I'm not quite sure if I love-to-hate or hate-to-love the legal profession but I find your posts about work and law school amusing.

  9. 1. Di
    2. SLC
    Both 3 and 4 are never set ones. They change.
    3. Gone With the Wind. Packing for Mars. And Both Were Young.
    4. Moulin Rouge. Spaceballs. Some Like It Hot
    5. Pretty much what geoffsn said, take a week off work, grab the husband and proceed to knock a few more places off my "to go" list.
    6. You were on my friend's blogroll. And I stayed because of your wit and charm. The recent spate of puppy pictures doesn't hurt.

  10. 1. Robin Weeks

    2. From Utah. Currently live elsewhere, dang it.

    3. Impossible question. I can't even pick three favorite authors. :P Anything well-written with romance and fantasy (preferably urban).

    4. Who has time for movies? Can I choose both A&E P&P and the Kiera Knightly version?

    5. Go buy a new house with a huge library--then buy most of the books at B&N to fill it with. (I dream big.)

    6. Because lawyers who write fiction are cool. :)

  11. 1. MJ

    2. North of Denver, and seriously wish you lived near me. We'd have FUN.

    3. Harry Potter series, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, and The Hunger Games.

    4. Stranger Than Fiction (only Will Ferrell movie I really like), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 28 Days with Sandra Bullock and Home for the Holidays are tied.

    5. I'd take my family and fly to Florida, and play in the ocean all afternoon.

    6. Your comments on MCB intrigued me; we think alike, though I have to say you're much more eloquent. I was starting to feel very alone in the church until I found you and MCB. So thank you for being real.

  12. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  13. 1. Julie
    2. Houston (currently) Idaho (originally)
    3. The answer to this question is fluid. I have no favorites, rather LOTS of favoites! (Is it even possible to decide?!) For purposes of this question, I will restrict my answers to YA books only (since that's my writing genre), and say that three of my current favs are: Divergent, The Hunger Games and (holy crap this is hard!) Anna and the French Kiss.
    4. Same as question three... these are constantly changing! The Patirot, Inception and the Notebook.
    5. Spend the day wandering through London gorging on Wonder Waffles, schwarmas and gelato
    6. You found me! Then I stalked you back ( : I'm an aspiring writer AND a recently-sworn-in, bona fide lawyer!

  14. 1. Amy Kennedy (really! Well, it's my maiden name anyway)
    2. Minnesota
    3. This changes with my moods, for today: Sugar Daddy, Hunger Games, Patricia Briggs' Mercy series.
    4. Ditto: Bull Durham, Camelot, (and because I just saw it and luuurved it) Rise of the Planet of the Apes (really!)
    5. Go to France, maybe with a friend, but not with a husband.
    6. I can't remember -- I think Deana Barnahart. Then you made me laugh. A lot.

  15. 1 Alex/alexandra. You'd think i'd go by something other than Alex now that i'm married to an Alex, but I don't.
    2 Ohio now, but Utah until very recently
    3 their eyes were watching God, crime and punishment & The brothers karamazov (tied), harry potter. I have a huge crush on Dostoyevsky...
    4 charade, emperors new groove.... can't decide between my other favorites.
    5 visit family in Utah/ make someone gimme an excellent job.
    6 Ummm.... because i'm fairly consistently entertained by it. I guess. Also I like feminism & pictures of puppies (i'm not much of a dog person IRL to be honest.)

  16. 1. Tetisheri
    2. Grew up in the Midwest, now I live in Maine.
    3. It's hard to pin down just 3, but The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is always on my list, The Dresden Files, and The Kate Shugak series by Dana Stabenow. Yes, I'm claiming 2 series. I just finished the Hunger Games series, so it's on my faves list too. Team Peeta all the way.
    4. Serenity, Star Wars, Fifth Element
    5. Hmmm, a whole afternoon with no obligations and money is no object? I have no clue what I would do, it would be too hard to narrow it down. If money was an object I would probably spend it napping.
    6. I think that we need more loudmouth feminist LDS women, and now I don't feel like the only one.

  17. 1. Owain

    2. The midwest

    3. Poisonwood Bible, American Pastoral, The Perfect Spy

    4. The Island, Avatar, Seven Samurai

    5. Fly on a private jet to London where I would sit in a well-accoutered flat at a very comfortable desk in a well-stocked library, with a fire in the fireplace, and a butler to bring me food and drink, and I would write the most amazing stories. This would be a very long afternoon, yes?

    6. I don't remember how I found this blog. I read about 20 blogs, almost all by young professional woman, for the same reason my grandmother watched General Hospital. I am interested in the people and their lives, and in the ideas and the writing.

  18. 1. Karen
    2. Southern California
    3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Pride and Prejudice; A Time to Kill
    4. Star Wars; When Harry Met Sally; It's a Wonderful Life
    5. Lunch in a little cafe in Paris, followed by a stroll along the Seine and a stop at a patisserie for a Mille Feuille.
    6. I honestly don't remember how I found your blog, but I keep coming back because I love your style.

  19. Looks like I came on the right day! I'm a new follower all thanks to your Mentor Monday hot seat! I loved it and I'm already loving your blog... so let's get to the questions shall we!

    1. Jen
    2. Houston, Texas
    3. Today: The Red Heels by Robert D. San Souci; It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips; Wither by Lauren DeStefano
    4. Today: While You Were Sleeping; The Proposal; Sleepless in Seattle
    5. Go to London to visit my friend Talli Roland and enjoy Strawberry Champagne Cocktails and each other's company.
    6. I fell across your blog thanks to Mentor Mondays :)

  20. 1. Kelley
    2. East Coast :)
    3. As of this moment? Tenderness and We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier, and I really liked Dark Song by Gail Giles. (but faves change hourly)
    4. Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, annnnnd Fear with Mark Walhberg. Sigh.
    5. I'd buy, deck out, and sell the hell out of a good truck :)
    6. I just found this blog from E.R. King, and it seems like the bee's knees. So now I'm a follower!

  21. 1. L.A Speedwing
    2. Dublin, Ireland. Yeah a long way from you guys!
    3. Harry Potter series, the Moorehawke Trilogy,
    the Burglar books by Lawrence Block.
    4. Forrest gump, Back to the future, City of Angels.
    5. If money was no object, then gravity wouldn't either, so I would jump from one country to the next like that Jumper movie. Visit my family, sun deck on an Australian beach, sip a glass of wine in Tuscany and have a dip in the Caribbean sea.
    6. I just found this blog from E.R. King.
    Good questions.

  22. 1. Anna Schu

    2. From-STG, UT, IN Coastal Georgia

    3. Little Women, Ender's Game, Goose Girl

    4. Dark Knight, Easy A, and Hello Dolly

    5. This afternoon I would go to the beach and read all day. I need a relax day. And I would get a massage.

    6. I started following this blog off of Alex's (^) and I stayed because you're a refreshingly snarky smart ass. Can't get enough of it. Oh and I love Spence.

  23. 1. Mysti

    2. San Diego

    3. Twilight (series) (remember you said you wouldn't judge), The Rowan (series), The Host

    4. Serenity, What Dreams May Come, Inception

    5. Pay $30k and start attending an acting school then fly to Tours and find a gourmandise pastry with Dan.

    6. Saw you linking it, thought it was someone else, realized it was you, love the humor and am appreciating a fresh view on the church's sillier practices.

  24. 1. Jessica
    2. Ogden
    3. A Million Little Pieces, Straight Man, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    4. I like TV more than movies, so I pick Dexter, Weeds, Breaking Bad. (I apparently like killers and drug dealers.)
    5. Invite everyone I know to be treated to a spa day, complete with mimosas.
    6. You are on a friend's blogroll, but I keep reading because I like your humor, especially about dogs and home ownership.

  25. 1. Delia
    2. New England
    3. Only three? I think we're going to have to compromise. My three favorite reads recently are Divergent, The Book Thief, and The Hunger Games. (YA kick, anyone?)
    4. Yeesh. Umm...Real Genius, The Princess Bride, TLOTR series, The Bourne series. Really, I'm horrible at choosing favorites.
    5. Rent a room. It doesn't have to be anything special, it just needs good light and a comfortable heating/cooling setting. Then I'd arrange for regular deliveries of expensive coffee drinks and write. Without being interrupted.
    6. I'm pretty sure I followed you here from Kiersten White's blog. I could be wrong though. Either way, it's nice to see what other writers are going through. Plus, before I had kids, I worked in a court, so your lawyerly tribulations are kinda funny, too.

  26. 1. Angela B.

    2. Central Texas

    3. a. The Color Purple b. All Harry Potter books c. Animal farm

    4. a. Fantasia b. All the Matrix films, even the ones that no one else likes c. Ip Man (Donnie Yen kicks arse!)

    5. Rent a van, pack it with food, give my 7 year old a map of Texas, and let her guide our travel fun. She likes maps for some reason.

    6. I first found this blog as part of the Writer's Platform-Building Campaign. I follow because the posts are engaging. Like you, I'm a writer working to change that to published author :-)

    Thanks Ru!

  27. 1. Caitlin

    2. All over, I grew up in the military. Right now I'm in Georgia.

    3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Lord of the Rings, Kafka on the Shore (and The Good Earth, sorry, I couldn't exclude one of my top four!)

    4. Ten Things I hate about you, The Lord of the Rings, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (totally counts).

    5. Head up to Atlanta to take my daughter to the zoo and aquarium!

    6. I'm also an aspiring writer, and I enjoy reading about other writer's aspirations! I don't remember how I came across your blog, and I know I don't comment often, but I enjoy reading it!

  28. 1.Jennifer
    3.The Old Man and the Sea, Three by the Sea (Even though it sounds like it, I don’t have some weird ocean obsession), and since I can’t narrow down a third, I’ll just say my fave genre is YA Contemp
    4.The Goonies, Jaws (again, this is a coincidence that it involves the water), and The Replacement Killers
    6.I found it through the platform challenge and a lot of your posts made me laugh

  29. 1. Jen
    2. Utah
    3. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Goose Girl (I know, I am so mainstream...)
    4. Hitch, Just like Heaven, and Spiderman (I'm a hopeless romantic as well)
    5. Fly somewhere tropical and just lay on the beach for a while.
    6. I found your blog becasue someone mentioned you (E.R. King maybe?) I love the title of your blog and your wittiness keeps bringing me back. And Corn Husk Dress? Really? That is too funny :)

  30. 1. J
    2. Everywhere? (Military background, you see) I live in Arizona now though.
    3. The Time Traveler's Wife, Harry Potter, Daughter of Smoke and Bone
    4. I don't really have movies that I watch over and over again, so the closest I come to favorites are Princess Bride, Finding Nemo, and Phantom of the Opera.
    5. Read. Or write. Or maybe sleep...
    6. I found it through another blog I read (you did an interview) and I laughed so hard that I had to follow. :)

  31. 1. Chantele
    2. Utah. :)
    3. Uh ... Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Goose Girl, (HA! I just realized Jen above me put the same ones!)
    4. I LOVE The Lord of the Rings. And X-men. Chick flicks like P&P. I love movies.
    5. I would take my family to Disneyland. No joke. Or I'd go to Hawaii with just the hubby. :)
    6. I can't remember. I just know that I laughed the first time I read a blog post from you. ;)

  32. 1. Carrie-Anne is my pen name.

    2. I was born in Pittsburgh but raised in Albany, NY.

    3. Demian, Hermann Hesse
    The Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio
    The Tao Te Ching, Lao-Tzu

    4. The Inner Circle (1991)
    Blood and Sand (the 1922 original version)
    Anything with my beloved Laurel and Hardy

    5. I'd drive to Boston and spend the day graving in the city's old cemeteries, esp. the ones in the North End, my favorite Boston neighborhood.

    6. I found your blog because we're in the same YA campaign group at the Platform-Building Campaign. I've come back to read because you have a lot of interesting posts.

  33. 1. Kathleen Doyle
    2. I live in Southern Indiana
    3. The Wheel of Time series, Divergent (newer, but awesome!), Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (I cry at the end of the first chapter every time I read it)
    4. Wall-E, The Princess Bride, and Serenity
    5. A shopping spree (you said money is no object!) followed by a visit to the spa for the works.
    6. I'm part of the campaign and enjoyed the posts I read=)

  34. 1. Brooke
    2. A place where going to high school is like attending EFY every day. I finally got out last week and life is less celestial but far more heavenly if you know what I mean.
    3. Gone With the Wind, Wrinkle in Time, and Pride and Prejudice.
    4. Joe vs. the Volcano, That Thing You Do, and Runaway Jury.
    5. Go to Paris. I've never been before. But if I only get the afternoon and not a weekend following the afternoon, than I would spend the rest of the day in Park City shopping and relaxing in places I can't currently afford.
    6. I found on a friend's blogroll and stayed because of the law school connection.