Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A good cause and a giveaway (for reals)

In general, you won't see too many giveaways on this here blog, mostly because (a) I have no hookups whatsoever and (b) I feel oddly icky about buying followers.  (But more power to you if you do have the hookups and don't have my hangups.)

But I have changed my policy for this one time only for a very special cause.

My sister Echo is working on getting donations for Sweatin for Sarah, a 5K organized to help Sarah Hays Shurtz with her medical bills.  A little over a year ago, this 29-year-old marathoner and sonographer was diagnosed with cancer, and along with that came some enormous bills.  Someone fighting cancer should have to worry as little as possible about money, too.  Do the universe a solid and lend her a hand, folks. 

Here's where you all come in.  I am offering the following prizes: (1) $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon, your choice; (2) a 50-page manuscript critique or line-edit for any aspiring writer who wants the judgment of a non-published, one-time college newspaper section editor/current lawyer (is that enough disclaimers, do you think?); and (3) a SUPER MYSTERY PRIZE, to be determined.

And there are many ways to enter this here contest of mine.  You can do one or as many as you'd like.

1. Register for the Sweatin for Sarah 5K.

2. Volunteer to help with the Sweatin for Sarah 5K. (Information available on the website)

3. Donate money or prizes to the race.  (Even a $1 donation will enter you in my sweet contest, though maybe don't tell me the exact amount.)

If you want to do this one, email me with the details and I'll hook you up with Echo's contact information.  A prize could theoretically be anything: photographers could offer photoshoots, sculptors a giant pot, etsy people their elaborate newborn-sized headbands shaped like the Blue Australian Lizard Eating Orchid.  Think outside the box, my homies!

If you finagle your employer into donating, that counts, too -- and may result in awesome brownie points for you when the company's logo gets put on the awesome 5K shirts. Mmmm, brownie points ...

4. Blog or Tweet about Sweatin for Sarah or this contest.

Then, once you've done one or all of these, leave me a comment telling me what you did (register, volunteer, donate, blog/tweet, or all of the above -- holy balls, FOUR ENTRIES FOR YOU, FRIENDO!), your contact info, and which of my three super sweet prizes you'd like to claim, should the Random Number Generator call your name. 

The race is on August 27th, so you have to enter my contest by midnight, Mountain Standard Time, on August 11th.  (Of course, you can still register or volunteer after that, but Echo needs to know the prize donation situation well before the day of the race.)

On your marks, get set, go!


  1. I love a good cause. Count me in. Woooooot!!

  2. Well, if I win, I'm going to want the mystery prize. Just kidding.

    I'm sort of with you on giveaways. I will only host one if it's going to benefit someone I really love or if I feel like my readers deserve it.

    Whenever a giveaway post shows up in my blogroll, I usually skip it anyway (well, unless the photo looks like something that I think I need to win... ha ha).

  3. I can't imagine the stress of having cancer, coupled with the stress of an insurmountable medical debt. Loyal followers of the BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah queen Ru should unite and help this gal out.

  4. Chris - you rule.

    Abby - Ha, I'm totally with you. I'm against entering contests until something AMAZING comes up. And then I make an exception. ;)

    Linds - AGREED. Except for the loyal followers part. Still making my way through A Song of Ice and Fire and I don't want to be anybody's queen. That never ends well.

  5. I'm going to tweetaleet this. Yep.

  6. Enter everyone, it's a great cause! I'm already volunteering and I WANT THAT gift card. (Said like Napoleon Dynamite lady.)

  7. tweeted about the giveaway and cause see