Monday, August 29, 2011

hey from airport number 1!

signs that you are too into blogging.

you have a dream where you are stranded at sea and fighting super smart sharks. and it occurs to you in the dream that hey, i should blog the heck out of this later.

and then you blog that.

despite being equipped with a phone that will not capitalize or let you use punction that is not a period or comma.

i would add a joke about how i have not used a single conjunction thus far for that very reason, but a rhetorical question without a question mark does not pack much of a punch.

have a good one, folks exclamation point


  1. Why was I able to capitalize and punctuate in the title and this comment, but not in the post? Beats the stuffing out of me.

    Any android experts in the hizzy?

  2. Love it! I have a friend who can google the heck out of things. I suppose this post shows the ability to blog the heck out of anything.

    As for the no caps in the post...I wonder if there's something that prevents the function key (ususally a blue fn key on your keybord) from working so that you can capitalize as needed. hmmm...

  3. Is it possible to be TOO into blogging?

    Also, I was going to refrain from capitals and non-comma-period punctuation as a show of solidarity, but realized that flaunting my full keyboard was more fun. ;)

  4. You know, I was wondering why you weren't capitalizing anything. Now it makes sense. I applaud you for being such a dedicated blogger.

  5. Your phone doesn't let you do caps and punctuation? Huh?

    But yeah, there's a limit to all things bloggy...somewhere.