Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts mid-Memorial Day Weekend

1. Upon re-reading the Harry Potter series, I have concluded that JK Rowling is even better than I had at first realized.  Who knew a brief reference to Gregorovitch in book 4 was going to matter by book 7? It's not just a fantasy series -- it's such an elaborate mystery that I had no chance of ever figuring out the ending.  Well done, madam.

2. The McDonalds Rolo McFlurry = better in theory.  Stick with Oreo, McDonalds.

3. Why is wasabi-colored paint not the color of wasabi?  Is this one of those things where foodies are going to inform me that only Americanized wasabi is bright green, and authentic wasabi more closely resembles dirty dishwater?
4. Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It better be the greatest game ever, because it's the first game I've ever bought.  I feel so grown up--"grown up" in this context meaning, "capable of throwing a dinner party complete with entertainment."  I'm this-close to buying a frilly apron. 


  1. I'm waiting until after I see Part 2 to start reading the Harry Potter series again. I was driving to work the other day and thinking about the book and I realized that I actually miss the characters.

    I hope that Trivial Pursuit game is fun! I hadn't even heard of it!

  2. Re: Harry Potter:
    I agree. And it makes me really happy from a weirdo English lit major standpoint to know that the book series that I read obsessively from fifth grade through to the end of high school (when book 7 came out) was well-planned and thought through the whole way.