Monday, May 9, 2011

those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it

1. I love the Noodles and Co. on 400 South.  They mess up at least 10% of orders, but when you point it out to them, they cheerfully give you free food.  In the last two weeks I've gotten a second entree (they forgot I asked for no mushrooms), free giant rice crispie treat (they forgot I asked for my lunch to-go), and a free side of parmesan crusted chicken (because they accidentally gave me regular grilled.)

2. Brothers and Sisters, you have been on the air for what seems like forever.  Your characters have allegedly been siblings for even longer.  You cannot describe a season 5 episode as, "The Walkers learn the true meaning of family."  The show is called Brothers and Sisters, shouldn't they have figured that out by now?

3. In general, NBC should shoot an entire season of a TV show and then ask themselves, "Is this really what we want to do?"  Horrible first seasons of The Office and Parks and Recreation could have been avoided and we could have moved directly into the more-hilarious second seasons. 


  1. I feel the same way about Cougar Town and ABC. Of course ABC just needs to be better at naming things.

    I hated\ Brothers and Sisters, mostly because they made Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) from the West Wing into a Republican.

  2. Totally agreed on Cougar Town.

    But re: Rob Lowe? He wasn't really a Republican. I never saw him or his also-allegedly-Republican wife (Calista Flockhart) ever say anything Republican-y. Probably would have been more interesting if they had. Mostly they just talked about non-political personal issues (will his ex-wife make trouble for the campaign?) and mumbled something about fiscal responsibility. He was actually kind of an apolitical character for someone who was supposedly a politician.

    (Which may still also irritate you, so fine.)

  3. So, do I need to start watching Parks & Rec again? I watched the first season and then gave up.

  4. I guess the Walkers finally HAVE learned the true meaning of family, which is why they're being cancelled.

    And yes, Nikol DOES need to watch Parks & Rec again.