Monday, May 23, 2011

So what is Game of Thrones like?

This is a conversation I had the other night at pub trivia -- also the setting for this conversation.

My friend Lulu and I (yep, "Lulu") have not read the books, but we have been glued to HBO every Sunday evening.  I can't really tell you what, exactly, is so good about it.  Honestly -- I tried to recap an episode for Hannah once when she had to miss it, and it went something like, "Ummm, blond girl is preggers ... and that hot bastard* is still up on the Wall ... and I think Prince Joffrey might be gay ... also, winter is still, apparently, coming."

Despite that oh-so-eloquent explanation, I assure you, it's good watchin.

So when someone asked, "So what is Game of Thrones like?"  Lulu and I both agreed -- it's sexy Lord of the Rings.  But no magic.  But ... maybe magic.  Actually, I think we may have to wait and see on the magic.

Of course, this led to the conversation about who is the hottest character in Sexy Lord of the Rings (which is what I'll be calling it now). And mock me all you want, but the hottest character is definitely ...

(drumroll, please ...)

Tyrion Lannister.

Yup.  The "angry elf" from Elf

If you haven't been watching it, I guess there's no explaining it, but seriously.  As Lulu put it, "Dude's got swagger."

* It's not a pejorative.  Pretty sure "hot bastard" is his name.

(Sigh.  It's not.  It's Jon Snow.)

1/20/12: Psst!  Since a lot of people seem to find this blog from googling, "What is Game of Thrones like?" I figure I'd also send you here for Part 2.  This post is shockingly unhelpful and I do apologize. Though to be entirely honest, Part 2 is only mildly better.


  1. I heart Lord of the Rings. I may have to check Game of Thrones out...

    I love your blog name. Hilarious! :D

  2. I need to work "Dude's got swagger" into conversation more often.

  3. He's also in The Station Agent. An awesome movie that I love. And it would be totally awesome if his name was Hot Bastard.

  4. My brother shoved this book Game of Thrones into my hand one day and told me I HAVE to read it. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but now that I know it's an awesome HBO series, I guess I'll probably have to bump it to the top of my list.

  5. Chantelle - thanks! PS, you're going to love GofT.

    Nikol - agreed. I wish I could take credit for it.

    MJ - I'll look into that one.

    Karen - People have literally been telling me for two years now to get on this. So while I'm remiss in starting, I figure at least I'll probably plow through them quickly.