Monday, May 16, 2011

Passion smashion

Do not ask me what I am passionate about.

Do not do not do not do not.

These are my reasons:

1. The word "passion" is gross.

2. I am not passionate about anything.  If I were, I would be working with the Peace Corps or writing a novel alone in a cabin the woods.  But I am not.  I like TV and Wingers and naps.

3. The follow up question can only go one of two ways:

(A) You start rambling about what YOU are passionate about, which is what you wanted to talk about the whole time.  This is fine, but you should probably find a better way of incorporating it into the conversation.  Like, just bringing it up, perhaps.


(B) You aren't passionate about anything, either, in which case I don't know why you though I would be any different.


  1. People know better than to ask me what I'm passionate about. Because no one wants to hear an adult woman go on for an hour about Batman.

  2. Agreed. Especially about passion being a gross word. Even in romantic contexts.

  3. This post made me laugh and feel good about myself-- two qualifications for awesome post!!

  4. I don't know that I would say "passion" is a gross word, but it's definitely a strange one. I hate the connotations. I think it's funny that it's "acceptable" in situations like "what are you passionate about" but bad when it comes to the "bridle all your passions" type.

    Also, I'm glad no one ever asks me that question because I'd probably give them a blank stare and then respond with "...rollercoasters?" Which isn't accurate, but they are one of my favorite things. It also makes for a strange answer.

  5. UH! I'm totally with you w/that 3A comment. People only ask to hear themselves talk! (unless it's an interviewer which I'll pretend to say that it;s acceptable in that case)

  6. Seriously, what ARE you passionate about?

    :running away and yelling: "Stop throwing crap at me!"