Friday, May 13, 2011

A miracle that made me employable

(This was posted yesterday, but given that Blogger may have eaten it, I am reposting.)

When I was in college at The Blessed U, I wrote opinion columns for The Daily Utah Chronicle.  I have no idea how many, just that I started working there the summer after freshman year and continued until I graduated.

I loved my time at The Chronicle.  Seriously loved it. 

And yet, I'm kind of grateful no one can find any of my old columns.

You see, a few years ago, The Chronicle redesigned its webpage, and when it did, something happened to the electronic archives.  It messed up formatting and removed bylines.  So instead of being able to google "Ru's Real Name" and finding dozens of inflammatory, inane, or otherwise problematic columns by moi, you find a bunch of boring stuff.  Which is how I like it.*

Does it make me sad that I can't easily find roughly three years' worth of work online?  Sometimes.  But at the same time, I'm pretty sure at least a few of those columns mocked my current employer.  So some things just work out for the best.

* Do you think I'm being ridiculous with this non-googlable manifesto?  Do you think I have internalized too strongly the message of infinite career counselors and law school deans who only sort-of understand social media to begin with that literally ANYTHING can come back to haunt you?


But what I do know is this: A few months ago, I had to work with someone on a relatively sensitive project.  The first thing I did was google him in an effort to figure out why he was so high-strung better understand where he was coming from.

And let's just say it took me all of five minutes to find something that made it difficult for me to keep a straight face around him from that point forward. Difficult, though not impossible, since I am as professional as the day is long.


  1. I Google almost everyone I have to deal with. However, I always try to figure the context of the information that I find.

    Largely because there exists a drag performance of Wig in a Box from Hedwig and the Angry Inch of your's truly floating around somewhere out there.

  2. lol ... *waves* new 'friendly visitor' here .. well not in the alien abduction sort of friendly mind you.

    Yes social media and the media can be quite the double-edged sword.

  3. I'm just annoyed my comment about dressing in drag got deleted.

  4. Oh snap! I knew there were missing comments too. :p