Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arbitrary goal alert

Sometimes when I want to accomplish A, I do B instead and hope that will force me to do A by default.

I want to get in shape, I buy a gym membership.  (Or a bottle of HCG drops, whatevs.)  I want to "get out there more," I set up an online dating profile.  (Always a mistake, people.  Always a mistake.)  I want to read more for pleasure, I get a Kindle.  I want to be that person who cleans every Saturday morning instead of just when things get really tragic, so I get a lot of cleaning supplies and cute rubber gloves. 

This has always given me mixed results (somewhat more in shape ... technically more "dates" ... a few more pages turned ... a slightly tidier apartment ...), but never quite what I'd imagined when I set out my brilliant "Gain Willpower By Default!" plan. 

The last month or so has been kind of rough on my writey ambitions.  Blogging has been mostly fine, but blogging is sometimes just a way for me to feel like, "Hey!  I did write something non-legally today, I'm doing just fine!" when I am certainly not doing just fine.

Now, there are a bazillion good excuses I could offer (really and truly I could) but they'll just depress me and bore you.

So instead I will just ask for your feedback and what is likely just yet another arbitrary round-about goal.

I want to finish my current piece (for whatever reason, I refuse to call it a W-I-P)* this summer.

So I will register for the Southern California Writer's Conference in LA this fall.  With a deadline of September 3rd for all crititique submissions.

Game, set, match, self.

Thoughts, criticisms, concerns?  Good plan, or more like my order the "Carmen Electra Stripperobics"  DVD plan?  (That one was both for getting in shape and getting out there more.)

* I do this all the time.  The 1L Reading Room at law school had (what I considered to be) a fairly dorky nickname.  I refused to call it that for nearly a year, and cracked only when I finally realized I was the only student out of roughly 300, plus teachers and administrators, who didn't refer to it as "The Gibby."  And then I crumbled like the Berlin Wall.

I hate nicknames and abbreviations.  I don't know why. 


  1. Ru- I do the exact same thing. Thank you for calling it what it is. I never realized it, never thought about it, really. I set myself up for failure using this method. Hmmm, I'll have to think long and hard about that writer's conference. I think that is quite good motivation.

  2. I totally do that too. It's about as effective as buying a cute little dress as "motivation" for working out. At least, for a lot of things. But I think registering for the writer's conference is a great idea. Registering for that is, I think, the perfect way to get going on your writing this summer.

  3. Writer's conferences are awesome motivation--good goal. What's better? A spreadsheet that will tell you how many words you need to write every day to reach your goal. I made it. You want it? :)

  4. Thumber, Karen - thanks for the encouragement, I think I'm going to go for it.

    Robin - yes, yes, please! :)