Monday, May 30, 2011

I just realized something magical

This is my first summer in two years when I haven't been studying for a bar exam.

I knew I had a special feeling about these coming months for a reason.

Happy Memorial Day people - cross your fingers that this summer is going to be a good one for all of us.


  1. So what are the plans for you to fill all that non-studying time?

  2. I don't know yet, but I will be sure to keep you all posted. :)

  3. Ummm, I'm late to the party but I had the same thought! Doesn't it feel great? And just for booyah purposes, the last four summers of my life go as follows: (1) pregnant pukes (2) adjusting to a newborn (3) pregnant pukes/moving/bar exam (4) additional bar exam.

    This summer? WHATEVER THE FREAK WE WANT. Can I get a hell yeah?