Monday, January 18, 2010

I want to punch you in the genitals

So those of you who hail from Davis County have probably heard by now that Barnes Bank is going under.

This was particularly upsetting to my family.  My grandparents knew the Barneses.  My dad and aunts and uncle knew them as kids.  My dad was invested in the bank, as were several of his siblings.  That's where I got my first bank account.  It's all very It's A Wonderful Life (I played softball at Barnes Park in junior high and high school), minus the happy ending.

It's hard realizing a hometown institution you grew up with was, in its later years, managed by people no better than the short-sighted, self-centered losers on Wall Street who started the whole financial meltdown.  At the shareholders meeting where the bad news was first announced, apparently the president and vice presidents were crying, they felt so bad, as if they didn't know how this could possibly happen.

IT HAPPENED BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOBS, THAT'S HOW IT HAPPENED.  It's not like Mothra flew down and raided the vaults, you know?

Ahem.  Topic for another day.

Anyway, my sister Echo was on her facebook today (don't all bad stories start with facebook?) and she noticed an old friend had written something about Barnes Bank on her status.  And someone else had written in response (and I quote) "This may make me a bad person, but I feel worse about Barnes Bank than I do about Haiti."

[Cue outraged screaming from me and Echo.]

Yes.  It is sad that Barnes is closing.  It is sad that people will lose their jobs and their money.


I want to find that kid.  I want to find him and cut him just to watch him bleed.  And then I want to tell him, "I feel worse about Barnes Bank closing than I do about your massive blood loss.  Sorry if that makes me a bad person."


  1. Ahem. Obviously not ALL of Barnes higher ups sucked at their jobs. But enough of them did.

    That is all.

  2. It is just a local banking institution. Haiti is far far worse...

    Funny video. Made me laugh.