Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is the very worst part of _________?

When I'm lawyering, the very worst part of my job is checking citations and cross references. So. Boring. And yet ... so necessary.

The worst part of trying to be a writer is querying. Hands down.

The worst part of owning a house is trying to figure out where I've gone wrong in my attempts to winterize.

The worst part of having Spencer pie around is scooping out his food in the morning.  (Seriously, you thought it was going to be picking up poop, am I right?  That is pretty bad, but those bags are easily disposed of. The smell of puppy chow lingers on your hands even after you've washed them.)

Indulge the grumpers with me, people -- what are the worst parts of the things you do?  Never fear, we can talk about the best parts of things another day.


  1. Now I'm thinking about the winterizing of my house. Did I get everything done? I agree with you about the worst part of writing being the querying. I get tense even just thinking about it!

    The worst part of having a toddler is the constant cleaning. Well, it seems to me like I'm cleaning up something every ten or fifteen minutes.

  2. i'm up to my neck in proofing/cross-referencing this week and it's draining the life out of me. also, true story about the puppy chow. i hate it.

  3. The worst part about being a corporate peon is not having the time to ignore my job completely and just write all doggone day. Darn you, responsiblity and bills!

  4. The worst part about being a grocery store cashier is all the mean and stupid things customers say to me. (Today's gem was "you're so smart you should have been born a boy!")

    Also, I agree about dog food. I hate going down that aisle, but alas, it's on the same one as the toilet paper.

  5. The worst part of high school is having to be around so many teenagers.

    The worst part of being a writer is rejection.

    The worst part of school uniforms is that I can't wear coats in the winter.

  6. The worst part of having kids is getting them all ready before you can get them out of the house. It's a dance, and the timing has to be perfect.

    The worst part of getting a new job is waiting for that first paycheck...

  7. the worst part about getting old is forgetting everything!

    liked your rants =)

  8. Ooh, fun. I'll play.

    The worst part of my job is the long drive.

    The worst part of living with roommates is that I almost never have the house to myself.

    The worst part think that's all I got for now.

    But you're totally right about the stench of puppy chow.

  9. The worst part about doing tech support is always having to respond to someone's time schedule.

    The worst part about dog potty training is thinking you've finally mastered it and then being proved wrong.