Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank goodness for the church dumpster

First of all, without that damn dumpster, I would be drowning in cardboard right now.  As it is, I'm still overwhelmed by cardboard, but beginning to see the light.  (Cross your fingers that the couch and book case that are arriving today come with minimal packing.)

But second, without that dumpster, I think I would be way less inclined to go to church and church-related functions.  Perhaps I shouldn't internet-admit this, but it's already difficult for me to drag myself out of bed and get ready on Sunday mornings.  Now that I don't know anyone and could happily slide into anonymous semi-inactivity?  Way harder.

(I know that some people would think of church as an awesome way to meet new people, but I'm a girl who takes the path of least resistance.  Staying home and watching movies?  Painting the canvases I bought at the Michael's sale?  Blogging?  All preferable to driving ten minutes to meet new people at FHE.)

But - and here's where my gratitude for dumpsters comes in - I do need to get rid of all this trash.  

So on Monday, I went to family home evening.  I showed up ten minutes late and still managed to be caught in the awkwardly spiritual intro to playing dodgeball and missionary tag.  (I believe there was something about reaffirming commitment?  I don't know, I found it uncomfortable, so I rudely deleted text messages instead of listening.  I just didn't want to hear and analogy between church and red light/green light.)

Bonus: Got rid of two loads of boxes and bubble wrap.

Then on Wednesday I went to institute.  It wasn't too shabby, but I was already tired from a long day at work.  As the hour wound down, I started getting antsy, but the teacher made no indications of wrapping things up soon.  I leaned over to the girl next to me and asked, "How long is this class?"

"An hour and a half," she whispered back.

I was pretty outraged at this news.  I mean, what at church lasts more than an hour?  (Granted, the whole church experience technically lasts three hours, but in one-hour chunks, so I can take mental breaks.)

Bonus: Got rid of two loads of boxes, paper and styrofoam.  Also ate a bagel.  (From the activity, not the trash.)  

On Thursday, there was a tornado and flash flood warning in Austin, so I stayed home from enrichment. Pro, I missed enrichment.  Con, I lost the opportunity to throw more stuff away.   However, I did notice on Wednesday that my junk made up more than half the contents of the church dumpster.  Perhaps I should find a new place to unload my crap?

But if I do that, what what will motivate me to go to church tomorrow?

(Don't judge me, you know you'd want to sleep in, too.)

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