Saturday, January 16, 2010

An all-new "Hoarders"

No, I haven't turned into a cat lady or someone who has to create tunnels between her stacks of old newspapers.

But in the course of moving and ordering new furniture, I have become overwhelmed by cardboard.  IT'S EVERYWHERE.

The problem is that my new apartment complex does valet trash.  I leave my trash or recycling outside my apartment at night, and little garbage fairies come to take it away.  Then I bring my empty cans back in the next morning.

But the fairies won't take anything that won't fit inside a normal, kitchen-sized trash bag.  Little bastards are unionized.

I bought a box cutter last night, thinking I could slice up all the cardboard and slowly filter it out the door with my recycling.  Then I began the process, and realized it would take me about a month.  I really, really don't want to keep looking at empty boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and cellophane for the next month.

Not to incriminate myself as to future crimes (hello, theft of services), but I think I'm going to take a stealthy trip to the church dumpster tonight.

The only problem is that I think it will take multiple trips.  :/


  1. Where do you live that does that?!?!? I HATE taking the garbage out.

  2. My complex contracts with a company called Valet Waste. I'm not sure they have it in Utah, but it really is convenient and I shouldn't complain. I just wish my complex had a DUMPSTER in addition to trash service. How do they expect people to move in? Sadtown.

  3. ACK! I remember that feeling. The first few months after I got married, there was just SO MUCH STUFF. I felt like my life was one big game of where to ditch boxes and I was drowning in cardboard. I didn't open our toaster for MONTHS bc the thought of one more box and one more batch of plastic within that box was totally overwhelming. For about a month, every time we drove somewhere, we would load up the back of the car and keep our eyes peeled for dumpsters.


    I believe in you.

  4. Got rid of three bags yesterday!! Wahoo!

    Only ... seven more. But that's okay. It's coming along. :)

  5. PS - I'm right there with you on the toaster story. I totally bought a table lamp two days ago. It was on the sale table, and when I was checking out, the store clerk asked, "Do you want one in the original box?" My yell of "NO!" was heard far and wide.