Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I love my friends

Today I emailed Amy, Kate and Hannah about how they need to get off their booties and visit me already. With two weekends in February already tentatively taken, they better act fast.  These weekends are going, going, gone!

This lead to a conversation of who was visiting when.  Sandy is taking Presidents' Day Weekend and friendster Nelson is tentatively taking the weekend after that.  Aaron has made a standing promise that as soon as flight prices drop to $200, he's booking a flight to Austin.  (Apparently I have to be ready to go at any time, because he might just show up tomorrow.)

So here's how the email conversation went after that:

Amy: I'm glad Nelson is visiting.  Way to be a man!  (For the record, I'm calling him a man, not you.)

Kate: Are you going to chest-bump him when he gets off the plane?

(This one requires brief explanation.  For awhile there, Kate's husband Ryan, Hannah and I were really into chest-bumping.  Kate made us promise we wouldn't chest-bump at their wedding.  Tragically, we broke that promise, several times.  Memo to any readers: Don't chest-bump in high heels, and definitely don't do it in high heels on a lawn.)

Me: Of course I'm going to chest-bump him.  And I'm going to find a stranger to photograph the moment so I can share it with you guys.

Hannah: By chest-bumping, you mean boning, right?  Awww, that was inappropriate.  And I'm leaving it.

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