Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wasted cuteness

I'm not sure about the other ladies out here in Internet Land, but I have cute days and not-so-cute days.  For me, it's not just bad hair and good hair days.  It's total package.  Some days my makeup goes on nicely, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes my hair maintains its volume, some days it goes flat within fifteen minutes.  Sometimes crazy frizz appears and won't go away.  Sometimes Dress X makes me look awesome, some days it makes me look fat.  There really doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to it.

But today, my hair looked awesome and my makeup was doing everything I wanted it to.  The outfit was just ok, but seriously, when two out of three are working out, I'm plenty satisfied.  It doesn't happen too often.

And then, about forty-five minutes into church, I started to feel dizzy and achy.  So I went home and napped for three hours, and woke up looking like an extra in Les Mes.  And not just any extra -- one of Fantine's whory friends.

Sigh.  Knowing my luck, tomorrow--when I will be outside in the public for ten or eleven hours instead of forty-five minutes -- none of it is going to go right.

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