Sunday, November 29, 2009

Max Hall hates me and thinks I'm classless

First question:

If every BYU fan in the world claims to know someone who has had beer thrown on them during a game, why don't I know a single person who knows a single person who has ever done that?  Or even a single person who has SEEN it done?  Could I please get some documented evidence of a U fan EVER throwing beer at a BYU fan?  C'mon people, in the era of camera phones, if it's ever really happened, the moment has been digitally captured.

Second question:

Does this mean we can officially retire that old BYU line that they're the classy ones?  Because that was old BEFORE the BYU quarterback claimed our entire school -- sociology department, student newspaper, LDS Institute building, law school, med school, juggling club -- was classless.

And one comment:

If you want to know how classy is done, Mr. Hall, maybe you should go look up what Eric Weddle said about your team and your players after he had just LOST in 2007.

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