Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New To-Do List

So remember when I was going to read all the books listed in Beowulf on the Beach?  Guh.  That project is still going, but there's a reason why those books were ALREADY the books I've struggled to read.  Madame Bovary?  More like Madame BORE-vary. 

(Yeah, that's the level my humor is at today.)

So I decided a new list would be in order, and for some reason thought A-Z would be the way to go, even though finding a book starting with "X" is basically impossible.  A list of books that are good, but hopefully not blow-your-brains-out-before-finishing-good.  A list of books that I haven't yet read, want to read, and yes, have occassionally faked having read in the past.

Suggestions are gladly welcomed. 

Any thoughts on the following?

A – All The King's Men

B – The Book Thief

C – The Corrections (Was also considering Cold Mountain ... hopefully eventually I'll get to both, but one has to make the list!  It's an arbitrary rule I've come up with!)

D – David Copperfield (Or Dreaming In Hindi?  I feel like I can't go wrong with Oprah, and David Copperfield is already on the Beowulf on the Beach list ... though that will mean finishing Madame Bovary...)

E – Empire Falls (Or Even Cowgirls Get the Blues?  I feel like The Corrections AND Empire Falls might be a bit much, considering C and E are so close together.)

F – The Fountainhead (Even though Ayn Rand is basically a Nazi who admired serial killers and fittingly died alone ... yes, I feel the need to read The Fountainhead.  Even if I know I will probably just hate it.)

G – A Game of Thrones (Thanks Eric!)

H – Howl’s Moving Castle

I – Into Thin Air

J – The Joy Luck Club

K – K (For realsies.  It's about Kafka, who I love, but I worry that K might be where I get bogged down on my goal ... so new K nominations would be appreciated.)

L – The Little Prince

M – The Maze Runner

N – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

O – The Old Man and the Sea

P – Pillars of the Earth

Q – The Quick and the Dead

R – The Road

S – The Shack (or Snow Falling on Cedars?)

T – Team of Rivals

U – The Unbearable Lightness of Being

V – V for Vendetta

W – The World According to Garp

X – ***

Y – Yiddish Policeman’s Union (I've only read half of this, so it can still make the list.  And to everyone saying, "R, you've always said you always finish books -- except for It -- have you been lying?"  I say, "No, but I was in the middle of YPU last summer during the Great Roommate Fire Incident of 2008, so I was too distracted by looming homelessness to finish.") 

Z – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


  1. I thought V for Vendetta was a comic book? And is the infinite playlist a book based on the movie or was the movie based on the book? Anyway, book that starts with about (the) Killer Angels, I've never read it, but people rave about it.

  2. Graphic novels (snobby way of saying "comic book") count. Nick and Norah was based on the book...or so I've heard. Good call on The Killer Angels, perhaps that shall be the one ...

  3. Xenocide is the only "X" book I can think of. It's the third book in Orson Scott Card's Ender books, and wasn't very good as I remember it. As a 12-year-old with a healthy love of sci-fi, I thought it was boring. Imagine now.

    Still, if you wanted to cheat, you could read "Speaker for the Dead" as the Prequel to Xenocide (or Xenocide minus 1), and fall into one of the better books I've read in a long time. Re-read it about a year ago and it definitely holds up to a second read. One of the signs of great literature.

    Also, for "T" you should consider "Terror" by Dan Simmons. Also, Kafka may make you want to blow your brains out on the sidewalk. But so would "Kite Runner"... maybe.

    Also, what about Don Quijote for "Q"? (In Spanish, it basically means "Mr. Quijote").

    Finally, comic books definitely count. Watchmen (the book, not the movie) blew me away. There's so much going on in them... seriously deserves any and all praise heaped on it.

    I could keep going and going and going... but sounds like you've got a good list going. Bless you for recommending Nightlight. As a book it would be a drag, but as a quick preview, it was hilarious... :D

  4. Unfortunately, I've already read Kite Runner and all the Ender books, so none of them can count. But Terror is an interesting suggestion ...

    PS - Did you really like Speaker for the Dead? I think it's because I read them all together (Speakerforthedeadxenocidechildrenofthemind) that I view them all in a very, very negative light. But maybe I will try Speaker for the Dead again.

    PSS - Did you read the Bean books? I think I like them better than the Ender sequels.

    PSSS - Nerd alert!