Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Outta my way, I got here late!

Every year, my procrastination gets worse.

In elementary school, I waited until the night before the science fair to put my poster board together.

In high school, I waited until May to start studying for AP tests.

In college, I was writing my paper on genetic drift literally minutes before it was due.

And when it came time to apply for law school, I was frantically signing forms, running down reference letters and stapling my personal statement at the last minute and had to run my the packet to the law school before 5:00 pm because it was too late to even mail.

Let's not even talk about law school itself.

But the problem with all this is, I procrastinate even things I like to do.  I haven't returned my newest Netflix DVDs, even though I want to know how things turn out between Ted and Robin on How I Met Your Mother.  I haven't worked on cleaning my room like I wanted to, or packing up any of my stuff (T-minus seven weeks to move), or working on my secret novel the paper I want to submit for publication, or gone Christmas shopping pre-Black Friday crowds, or anything.

Instead, I'm sitting around watching Daily Show re-runs and considering going to get a pedicure.  Which, in a way, would still be like an accomplishment.  Because at least I will have left my house.

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