Thursday, November 12, 2009

Child's play

I went to lunch with Sally again today. 

She got an assignment last night at 6.  She worked at the office until 8:30, blowing off her boyfriend (cue Sally shrieking, "He is NOT my boyfriend!"), going home for dinner, and then continuing on the work until midnight.  Then she got up early and went in to the office again, finishing up the research and writing it up.

She was clearly stressed, as this issue was (1) complicated and (2) meant something, in the sense that her research and writing was going to be used by someone, and therefore affect some client, as opposed to all the assignments we did as summer associates, where our work meant little-to-nothing to no one and nobody. 

Finally she calmed down long enough to take a bite of her sandwich.  "How is work going for you today?"

I thought for a second.  "Well, I had to go to Michael's to buy a gift basket and some rafia."


"And then later I'm going to go around and get the office Christmas cards signed by everyone."

Cue Sally glaring at me. 

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