Monday, November 9, 2009

My new greatest fear

Went to lunch with my friend Sally today.  She told me a story she'd recently been told about a lawyer who CRIED at a mediation.  In front of the mediator.  In front of the client.  In front of opposing counsel.  In front of all the angels in heaven. 

When Sally expressed her disbelief at such an event, the attorneys around her shrugged.

"Oh, Sal," they said.  "It happens.  I'd be surprised if you didn't cry in a mediation someday, too."

Uh ...


Sally and I were stunned.  Is that a common thing?  Lawyers ... crying?  Why did no one mention this in law school?  Why haven't we been practicing watching Sofie's Choice dry-eyed for the last three years, if that's the case?

I swear on all that is holy: If I ever cry during a mediation, negotiation, deposition, court hearing, trial, or other legal proceeding, I will promptly excuse myself and quit being a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. 

If there's no crying in baseball, there sure as hell should be no crying in the practice of law. 

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