Sunday, November 8, 2009

Celebrity Look-Alikes

My friend Sally gets told that she looks like Cameron Diaz.

My sister Echo has been told she looks like Megan Fox.

I dated a guy whose sister was always told she looked like Sandra Bullock.

In fact, it was immediately after announcing that YET ANOTHER guy had complimented her Sandra Bullock-like looks, she frowned at me, and said, "You know who you look like?"

Me: (internally) Don't say it ...

Her: Joan Cusack!

Yes, for some reason, friends and strangers alike have found it necessary to compare me to Joan Cusack--the middle aged actress of "playing Kate Hudson's older sister in Raising Helen" fame.


In fact, today I was at lunch with Diego and Nelson after a church-extravaganza (Mormonism! Unitarianism!) and the manager of Noodles and Co. interrupted us to ask me if anyone had compared me to John Cusack's baby sister.

I'm not saying Joan Cusack isn't talented.  I'm not saying she isn't likeable.  (She totally is, on both scores.)  I'm not even saying she isn't cute, in her own way.  I'm just saying, if I had to be compared to someone, I'd prefer a little wild exaggeration.  (Kate Winslet!  I could easily be the wacked out Kate Winslet in Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.)  Or at least someone my own age.  (Trudy from Mad Men!  OK, I'm clearly not as polished, but if you take off your glasses so your vision gets blurry ...)

(I will say that, sensing I was in a bad mood, Diego promptly reminded me that people compare him to Dame Judi Dench.

That helps.

A little.)

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