Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This never happened*

It's been a dream of mine (since I got into Mad Men** two summers ago) to sneak off for a three hour lunch break and watch a movie.

Today, I achieved that dream.

Granted, the movie was 2012, but the whole act of workplace indifference was still badass.

* Name the episode for a free Diet Coke.

** Yes, I know that Mad Men is one of the stereotypical things that white people like (thanks, Stuff White People, but in case you all haven't noticed...I'm pretty white.  And that blog is pretty dead-on.


  1. Season 2, episode 1: "Pinocchio"

    I want my Diet Coke please!

  2. Done! When are you in SLC next? Shoot me an email and the Coke is yours. :)

  3. See you in Johannesburg, biotch!